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The good morning thread
  • Good afternoon!
  • yeah, about time you did go showing up, eh.
  • better late than never !!
  • Ooo let me get in my GOOD MORNING before noon! It's 11:27 AM!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my fellow Americans...but THANKSGIVING knows no geographical borders I suspect!!!

    Have a great day, all.
  • It was a good Thanksgiving

    Shrimp Remoulade

    Crab and Spinach Bisque

    Brisket With HorseRadish Sauce

    Turkey with Oyster Dressing And Sweet Potatoes on Side

    Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels sauce

    Washed down with Moet and Chandon "White Star"

    1/2 bottle of Absinthe as a Digestive..

  • good morning!

  • morning, looks like we had a little taste of the white stuff last night, small smattering of almost powder - it's going now
  • Oooooooo I ate too much yesterday ! There was NO room left in me...not even for one of blueshead's drinks at the bar! :-(

    Good Morning from NYC!:happy:
  • ouch, it's already mornig!

    *Shys away from the overcast sky, protecting his overly sensitive night eyes*

  • GOOD Moooorning
    [getting in with 20 mins to go].

    It's as grey as a mongrel here! And I've a head full of snot from this cold!
  • middigit:morning, looks like we had a little taste of the white stuff last night, small smattering of almost powder - it's going now

    Mate, i think you should keep your drug taking to yourself please!
  • lol mesk :D
  • cold rain. otherwise, not so bad really.....
  • middigit:morning, looks like we had a little taste of the white stuff last night, small smattering of almost powder - it's going now

    please do not abuse drugs, midz!
  • michael, i think meska had that covered ;)
  • G'morning to all!!!

    Grey and chilly in NYC!
    (JUST in case any of you lot are headed this way today! ;-)
  • Hey...g'morning! And this time I'm *closer to morning*!:happy:
  • goOOood morning! this is fazyluckers fm, 88.3 to 92.7 heffhemm with all your worldy news, weather and sport. and we'll just head over to chris for a glimpse of todays weather... chris?

    light rain as a bastard.

  • Cloudy and miserable.... (and that's just my mood :D)
  • bright sun, crazy drivers, swaying, meandering semi-trailers spitting road debris...

    typical :)

    coffee's tasty though, a freelance gig is finished, get new job specs today, the platemaker is rolling.... i have eaten, and found a radio station for the morning commute that's playing stuff i can listen to... so it's a good morning. why not? happy humpday.
  • Good afternoon listeners, I think Chris and Mesk hit the nail on the head. Light rain and miserable as a bastard here !
  • Good morning! Bloody cold here - the heating broke last night brrrrrr! Got a long list of things to do, will I be able to have the self discipline to crack on with it? The day's not started that well, I'm on here! Think I'll start the working day at 10:00 :-)
  • Okay much better, as today is another Friday for me :D... Here's a tip, when work gets on top... take off one day a month, and usually on a Friday or Monday, or both if you have holidays left over, and RECHARGE. Looking forward to doing lots of (no) work today ;)!
  • mesk, there's plenty to do around here if you have time off... (smile)
  • (Smiles back crookedly) i have work, but i also have to fit 5 scrabblous games in too dammit...

    ~is rushed off feet, goes to make tea, sit on toilet, shuffle papers, sort out coloured paper clips... oh and work on the biggest promotion this company has ever set its eyes on.. (in french)....
  • oh lala!
  • LOL !

    Sounds like you have some time for fazy logos as well Mesk? :happy:
  • ***~is rushed off feet, goes to make tea, sit on toilet,***

    Well...that made MY morning! :wink:

    g'morning to all!
  • good morning :)
  • btw, the world rally service area is about 400m down the road from here right now. they are supposed to be on stages by now, but we haven't heard many (any) leaving... weird
  • good morning and happy friday. a lot of color in the sky here this morning - rain later probably.

    plenty of work to do........
  • oh hell, it's friday here too, i'd forgotten!
  • Crap, it's the afternoon already!
  • good morning!
  • good morning !!!

    Cold as bastid here !
  • snow, rain, sleet... cold, wind.... but since i'm indoors, so what.

    i could use a couple more hours sleep - a little fuzzy isn't a bad way to go through monday anyway.
  • First snow yesterday in NYC/ cold and grey today!

    I would MUCH rather sweat than freeze.

    I'm just sayin'...
  • ...and g'morning!
  • good morning!

    what's happening today, then? have micky's balls healed enough for him to be up and about?
  • image

    this sums it up quite well so far. only just noticed it, lol!
  • cold and dry. slightly better than cold and wet, if only for the driving conditions. the as-a-bastard season isn't really here yet. to be honest, i'm more interested in whether the sox are going to make the trade for leftie pitcher Santana and who they're going to have to give up for him than the weather... or, at the moment, what awaits me at work.

    in other respects it has the potential for a good morning, but being only half-way through the first cup it's difficult to say.

    i think we should consider changing 'as a bastard' to 'as a nutsack', until chicken is recovered.
  • Mornin' - grey, damp and wet here; the weather's not so hot either :) !

    Nutsack! Sounds very seasonal, bull got something there . . .
  • Grey as Chicken's nutsack here.
  • ^ that was hardly morning for you!
  • also, good morning :)
  • Black as Chicken's nutsack here!