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The good morning thread
  • dull here too. happy, well adjusted, but dull. probably twat later.
  • haha :D

    man, that coffee was hot as it exited through my nostrils...
  • lol @ bull and chris!
  • Maaaawwwwwning !

    Dull as a " " here :awkward:
  • sunny intervals as a bastard here!

    see, i knew it would need to be a little more intelligent...
  • sunny as a bastard here, almost total blue sky
  • there are no clouds here atm either, but the bbc weather says different.
  • nothing will ever beat "sunny as a bastard" !!!
  • FYI - the bbc have deemed it necessary to edit their current weather report to be factual! *shock!*

    it is now, as it should be, SUNNY AS A BASTARD!

  • happy 420
  • GREY as a grey place!

  • Fantastic, chris !
  • boiling out there - no wind to spoil a great day - just got back from a nice walk :)
  • I hope its SUNNY AS A BASTARD tomorrow for Creamfields!
  • very dull here again this morning. ahem.
  • we have had 17 days with no rain this summer. today will make it 18. it's all good.

    fall is coming. 5 am, and it's dark dark dark. the ocean was like glass. i have sand between my toes.

    and black coffee.

  • oh, photos from my walk earlier :)
  • mick: i have sand between my toes.

    and black coffee.


    You have black coffee between your toes - weirdo!

  • And what I meant to say earlier was:

    Grey as a Pope
  • funny that mondays don't get a lot of good morning posts.

    havin a fine time myself, happy fukkin monday all.

    oh, it's sunny as a bastid here too.
  • Die in a sea of fire.
  • It's a bank holiday, so hopefully people are givin' themselves a day of - that is except me :(

    Afternoon bull, now sod off and get some work done or holidaying or something . . . .
  • heh. i am working. you think it's easy to come up with stuff to post on a beautiful monday morning? i'd rather be doing other things, let me tell you!

    i'm happy. so sue me :D
  • slater:Die in a sea of fire.
  • cor, what a pair of happy bastards.
  • right. won't bother wasting it on you all then.

    there aren't any clouds here today.
  • cloudy



    there have been 19 days without rain this summer. this will not be the twentieth day.

    but.... it's still hot enough outside during the day to shower under the drainspout; i LIKE rainbows in my shower water.

  • sunny as a bastard

    good morning!
  • ~late to the party

  • sunny(er) here :)
  • Not bad here, but it's getting better soon. That's a good thing too since I'm leaving the office at lunch to play footie for an hour...
  • i rode my bicycle to pick my motorbike up this morning. fuckin' knackered me it did.
  • i need to start doing more exercise.
  • Hey, look. Howard's being eaten.

  • not so great today, eh...

    took fooking ages to get into work today too, in the car. i hate cars.
  • i had no trouble at all here, and i really like my car. don't know where the traffic was, but it wasn't near me.

    i do wish i hadn't been driving it to work, but you can't have everything.
  • i definitely need to start working from home (for the winter, eugh)
  • I work at home :)

    otherwise I ride my bike for fun or as an excuse to go to some shop at 20Km :))
    The other day I had to drive my parents car to get them from the airport and I got rush hour, and I fell the pain most people feel everyday. Man I love not having to drive everyday!

    BTW, sunny as bacon™ here today! 30° C :happy:
  • good morning :)
  • Time to start wearing long undies my friends!
    In all honesty, there is not a cloud i the sky right now.

    Oh, good mornig all!

    I would ride a bike to work, if I had one.. ..I do have a bike, but no work. No, I am not looking for work.
  • that is pretty nippy, jussi
  • It'll go all the way down to -25 in a couple of months.
  • wheeee! (although, it is a monday...)
  • ~yawn... when is it Friday again...
  • yes, wheee. good morning all, who cares what day it is? not a bad start if you ask me. a meeting went well this morning, not much traffic, sun is out, coffee is hot and tasty.... why not?
  • I've missed the morning with you guys but so, a good afternoon instead!

    Autumn sunshine outside, I might have to take a stroll later, once I've got a few things sorted!
  • hello. fucking bike wouldn't start this morning... it had better fire up on the button when i get home, or else.
  • other than that, sunny as a bastard, and a bit "fresh" :D