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The good morning thread
  • merry thursday morning everyone. I am off to the shops to buy some equipment and maybe Valve's Orange Box while I am at it. (put that bootcamp into good use!).

    It is sunny as a bastard and the mercury is up all the way at 8*C!

    Enjoy my brother's latest tune, it has 70% morning and sunshine in it.

    Seacrest out!
  • good morning :)
  • good morning !

    Sunny as a bastard here in Liverpool. Fresh as fook as well !
  • no sun here... but it's a reasonably decent morning regardless. i am on vacation, although not traveling. it's difficult to have less than a good morning when it starts out as friendly as mine has.

    freshness is threatening, bringing in wood today.... pleasant chores on the agenda; does anyone else enjoy food shopping?
  • hmmmmmm.... not really. Which reminds me, I need to go shopping tonight :awkward:
  • Absolutely miserable here. Bone-chilling cold wind, no variance in the cloud cover - just a slate of dark grey overhead (in the office, we believe we have it pegged at Pantone 422) and it feels like it's threatening to snow. I hope it's strides more pleasant everywhere else you all are.
  • Morning, it's Friday for me today, off tomorrow... But then again, i'm helping the missus at the toddler group, so it's another day at work anyway!
  • you should head into work, mesk ;)


  • howdy rowdy.

    i like this 2 am flazy place: enthusiastic as all get-out.

    kick out the jams; let's dance. [a samba would be best, but i'd settle for a tango.] :)
  • Good Morning, windy as hell out there - gusty winds been howling and bashing the house all night and it's still at it, supposedly getting up to 70 mph, "supposedly"
  • Mornin!

    Wndy, wet as a b.....
  • ...astard!

    meant to be light showers as a bastard here today, but nothing has materialised. sunny as a bastard tomorrow? i do hope so! :D
  • sun here. lots of it. chilled off though, but that's what indoors is for :D good morning, all.
  • Well fook me...

    It 'is' sunny as bastard now !
  • morning all

    ~ sips coffee
  • good night all! sips cold cocoa.
  • lol, is that a Scandinavian take on hot chocolate? :D
  • I struggled a bit with that word. "cold hot choclate", hmm, no, "cold chocolate", nah..
  • how about: not hot chocolate
  • *yawns* good morning! ;)
  • Morning michael (and all)

    It's a lovely frosty, sunny, morning up here, in the north (UK) and my toes are cold!

    Need to wake up for that morning meeting . . .
  • "crisp!"

    mornin' ;)
  • This morning the sky is really giving us the finger. Cold, wet mush is raining from the sky.

    Good morning my ass. I want to go back to sleep and hibernate!
  • good morning, y'all :)
  • Sunny as motherhumpingbastardos here. Lovely, but a little nippy on the nips.
  • totally cloudy as a bastard here (according to the bbc, but not too bad in reality).
  • we're havin a heat wave....

    sun, unusually warm - for about 10 more hours. then the jet stream slips, a cold front moves in, and the temps will drop by a third or more toward freezing.

    this may not be the only place it's said, but it's famous here; if ya don't like the weather, wait a minute....

    it's a fairly good morning all things considered. nothing's hurting and everything's working. :)
  • And a good morning from NYC! To all of you in the 4 corners of the world!:wink:
  • aha!

    that was going to be a question for you in your big hello thread, ve... fill us in on some details, aye :)
  • another fine crisp morning, eh?

    took a while to defrost the car this morning :D
  • indeed. My fingers still havent defrosted from using my clocking in card !

    Sunny as a bastard as well
  • Good morning you fazy lot, looks cold
  • 'morning,all!
    'TIS cold!
  • good morning!

    i have quite the cough atm, boO!
  • Morning! Tis cloudy as cnut today!
  • raining :(
  • Morning ! Grey here :awkward:
  • second that
  • not a bad start at all here, too bad i have to be at work, really. would much rather be painting. ah well. enjoy, all :)
  • LOL ^

    tickles me every time !
  • *boing* it's that time again!

  • Thats around 5 Cº
  • guten morgen, mein klein frauleins!
  • good morning, luckers!