collab idea: a lewd deck of playing cards

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so, (as i asked chris the other day) how long has it been since YOU've drawn dirty pictures?

until this weekend, i could have said "20 years".

i think it would be fun to make a 52-card 'Luckers Deck.

a lewd, salacious, surreal deck with suits of cocks, cunts, bottoms and mouths instead of spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds.

**these are only examples** i am perfectly aware of their lacks (and how bad i am at this kind of thing) . i am hoping someone will want to fix them up or make better ones at some point.


example cards with icons:

the jokers should be hands, i think:

52 is a lot of cards, but the naughty aspect might make it a hoot for people to do.

since each card would be illustrated (how would YOU draw a 7 of bottoms or a 9 of cunts?) , assigned cards can be randomized, and anonymity is available. :)



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    :) *lists nicko for several cards*

    something that was pointed out to me..... this would NOT be an opportunity to scan in your favorite porn. :p

    seems like a photographic collage would be fine. small format, though; you'd have a time making everything visible, i think.

    maybe it would be good to do the cards AND a picture folio of the cards double size. i don't know how that would work. would a person have to make 2 examples of their card, or would it be ok to just reduce the size? *speculating*
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    err, i don't think that photography would be very good for something like this. illustration, aye.
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    As there's so many to do we should get the yayhoorays and b3s'rs on this too...

    I'm thinking:
    - frenden
    - brokencow
    - virtualnao
    - purekreation
    - JDato
    - cornhustlah
    - Dwayne
    - oliver
    - nomaru
    - Dro
    - ing
    - think faest / upso

    and some more that I can't think of right now... in other words, let's alert several forums
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    I'm most definitely in as i said before. Gives me a legitimate reason to think about pussy (without the missus hitting me)..
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    I have these. Check the image...

    They're pretty awesome.
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    this is the HH set - check them out
  • modmod
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    haha sweet...not one to work on though when a clients in the office hehe
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    meska's lascivious deck is very naughty, but i bet we could do it better. :)

    that HH deck, chris, is a thing of beauty. crazy mixed-up beauty.

    i know zip about photog, so i'll bow to experience. the small size of the cards might make it difficult, but ... in the hands of an expert, who knows?

    yes yes yes

    recruit! :)
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    baseisdead asked if i had thought about how these might get printed or sold.

    :) yes i have.

    one idea i had was to have double-sized card-pics too; those could be the basis for a book. buying the book gives you the right to print the cards if you want.

    more suggestions are welcome.
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    well...I will give a card or two a shot. Count me in. Yes...shy little ol' me. :smile:
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    yay lsp!

    i'll start a formal signup thread once the deets get sorted out.

    i was asked: "would a 7 of mouths just be a layout of 7 mouth icons?" i told someone the other day, that if i was tasked to draw a 5 of cocks right then, i'd draw a human figure with a cock for a head, 2 cocks instead of hands, and cocks for feet. so, no. :) the numbered cards are no less, illustration-wise, than the face cards.
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    i woulda drawn up edward cock hands in that case mick :P
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    then i hope you get the opportunity to do just that, nimmot. :D

    i want feedback/advice, folks

    the icons... they're not really good enough.

    any suggestions or volunteering of alternatives?

    the font... i would like to find something just a little slimmer.

    the card "frame"... that was to give me room for both the "Q" (or whatever) and the icon... does it take too much space?

    :) shall i lose the drop shadow? (yes, probably)

    the question of making TWO pics from each illustration. seriously, i don't know the answer to this: how can i make a card the proper size, and also make one twice as big without having to redraw the whole thing?


    ps... recruit!!
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    make the illustration big enough for the biggest version?

    although i like the idea in essence, it's beginning to seem a little heavy handed. possibly loosen the rules a little? i dunno, make it a bit more freeform?
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    that's a concern, yes.

    :) so far, my rules would be 1) use a template (will provide) for the card size. 2) illustrate the card to represent the number and suit. 3) profit! (ok...4.. i hope people will avoid anything hate-y.)

    should i give up on the idea of using a consistent icon set?
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    yup, and just use the normal suit names :)
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    Oh i like cocks, cunts etc...
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    i'd be interested to hear your concept, chris.

    i'm not stuck on any of the parameters, but i like the idea of a unifying theme. what we call the cards is up to us; they wouldn't be named in the deck. you could call the suits "dicks, fannies, arses, and pie holes" when you play poker. :)
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    i'm with mesk... cocks and cunts are very likable. *nod*
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    i like the idea of a racy deck of cards, but i'm unsure of renaming the suits to match. there's not really much need for it, and it seems a bit pointless to me, is all (that's as concept as it gets, btw).
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    i like the idea of winning a bid and when asked "what's trump?", i can say "cunts". :)

    template is ready.; does it have to be a pdf or a tif, or can it just be a jpg?
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    i've thought on this a bit, and can relate to what you said, chris, about making things too heavy.

    my feeling is that without a focus, we'd just end up with a bunch of dirty pichurs, instead of dirty pichurs with a theme. ;)

    what if the lewd suits were used, but there was no compulsion to put eight bottoms on the 8 of arses, but instead use "arse" as a theme for that 8. ?

    again, i know i'm shit at this kind of art, this is just another idea ........ (be glad i'm not showing you other maybes).

    circles of naughty

    sheesh, now that i look at those, i'm sort of ripping off Skyler. hmmm..... i wonder if Skyler does icons. :D
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    is that bottom right one an arse or a pair of bollocks? :tongue:
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    actually, just forget I used the :tongue: icon at the end of that sentence :D :awkward:
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    were they bollocks, i'd have taken a moment to apply some curlies. lots of 'em. [/curly grin

    again.. i know.... :p

    i took a break from thinking about this; now that i'm settled in at home for the weekend, i'll brain down.
    chris said...
    going for the red or the blue?

    hmmm maybe the collab cards need an intaglio back. *nod*

    that'd complicate things nicely. hehe
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    well shit. that was a nice look at mastery, but i was hoping it was going to be an offer of help with my struggles to make decent icons. :(

    heh... i am still trying on occasion (and failing). i've sort of been thinking it would be fall before i can put some solid energy into my dabbles. i just don't know how to make something small enough and still legible.

    the sad face was not for reals. this is. :)
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    Hi mick, the cards concept still going?
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    jaqk playing cards
    jaqk playing cards
    jaqk playing cards
  • *sigh* i still think it was a great idea. i was just too cowardly to try it without pro graphic help. [/sheepish grin

    are those blanks to be printed on, chris? if so, what a cool thing!

    i have examples of great/interesting/fantastical playing cards, but every time i look at this thread i feel like such a loser. :D
  • hehe :)

    from the threads where forumers make a deck of cards on other sites, i can say that it is a metric fuck ton of work to get them going/finished, so don't be too hard on yerself, lass!
  • hehe i was willing to do the fuck ton AND be a whip cracker, but i needed people to crack at. without the crackees, i'd be just another air fanner. ;)

    that said, someone cracked some damnfine whip on this batch of various artists.






    all the rest at The Creative Card Project
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  • sigh ;)

    that's fantastic work. i do hope it comes with a set of coloured pencils. </grin
  • I like those.

    ...where is mick?!?
  • i do too. probably working.
  • I like those.

    ...where is mick?!?
    Where is Mick. All ok health wise? Anyone know? Chris?
  • i've not heard from her in a while, no :(
  • i've not heard from her in a while, no :(
  • I hope she's okay (relative what's gone before).
  • got a little bit of news on mick, she's as well as can be expected but not doing much - or any - internetting...
  • well, at least she is ok. :)
  • Oh, they're nice.

    …when I saw a new post in this thread it did stop me for a moment and thought of her :)
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