Thomson Airways in-flight safety video 2009

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[hide]Creative Director Trevor Beattie
Copywriters Richard Harris
Art directors Jamie Starbuck
Planner Sam Campbell
TV producer Sara Wallace
Director Karen Cunningham
Production company Spank Films
Editor Final Cut (Steve Ackroyd)
Post-production MPC
Audio post-production 750mph (Ben Gulvin & Sam Ashwell)


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    that girl's voice is well annoying. i wouldn't listen. I say bring back the hostesses of the 60's, i'm sure we'd all pay close attention :happy:
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    they'd be about 70 years old by now, jamm, you sicko ;)
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    May be this is more your thing jamm :happy::happy:
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    Does that kid have a lisp? What is that called? It's not an accent.

    Nails on a chalkboard, seriously.
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    it's a lisp. enunthiating ith hard when your mouth is full of new teeth. *nod*
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    Ohhhhh, okay. It seemed way too intentional to me.
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