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the great big sculptures thread
  • this is a thumbnail from the flickr set of the sculpture: Digital DNA

    Palo Alto egg

    "Installed in 2005 at Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto, California, this 7-foot-tall egg is made from welded steel, polystyrene bead foam, epoxy resin fiberglass skin and, for the outer shell, recycled circuit boards. Created by Brazilian artists Adriana Varella and Nilton Maltz, the sculpture has different phrases relating to technology written in multiple languages on its surface. Commissioned by the Palo Alto Public Arts Commission, the artwork is meant to honor the city’s role in birthing the tech-heavy Silicon Valley. "

  • I love sculptures. I would love to be a sculptor myself.
  • white marble speedboat
    white marble industrial-sized tyre
    Torino, Italy-based master sculptor, Fabio Viale
    , uses both white and black marble in his work, which includes a fully-functional motor boat and massive industrial tires.

    video at the link, too.
  • cal lane 1
    cal lane 2
    cal lane 3

    she's a welder and a sculptor. much more at her website: Cal Lane
  • beautiful!
  • image© robert therrien. courtesy gagosian gallery" />
    gagosian gallery in new york is currently showing the work of established artist robert therrien.

    "...recent work recreates everyday objects true to their original
    material and colour, but on an enlarged scale. this current exhibition features four such sculptures that all use
    themes of stacking and folding. other works include his oversized objects stacked into large piles."
  • Telephone Sculptures Of sheep By Jean-Luc Cornec for the Museum of Telecommunication in Frankfurt

  • :awkward:
  • chris said...plastic cup dragon

    that's cute as hell. it reminded me of this:


    click for bigger
  • nicko said...


    yeah.... :awkward: BUT it is recycled, and a the world needs more representations of giant tapirs with abnormally long legs (you can not convince me that it's a cow. don't even try. :)
  • i'm torn; this really should go in the "buy me this?" thread.

    the thumbnail does not really show the awesomeness of this mechanical hand mic stand.


    do clickit.
  • want!!! ^ wantwantwantwantwant!!


    Luke Jerram made hand-blown glass sculptures of disease organisms.

    the thumbnail pic does not do this justice. i just want you to be intrigued enough to go to the site.

    The question of pseudo-colouring in biomedicine and its use for science communicative purposes, is a vast and complex subject. If some images are coloured for scientific purposes, and others altered simply for aesthetic reasons, how can a viewer tell the difference? How many people believe viruses are brightly coloured? Are there any colour conventions and what kind of ‘presence’ do pseudocoloured images have that ‘naturally’ coloured specimens don’t?

    the site has a YouTube vid of his process, and below that are pics that are links to very short vids of the pictured organism.

    Glass Microbiology
  • Those sheep are ace!
  • oh my. those are gorgeous.

    Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and has never sold any of his work, only given it away to friends.

    i am feeling very friendly towards him atm. :)

    they're all great.

    this one .. the stubbies with the alphabet...

  • ALL of these are SO COOL!
  • Nice find chris, those are great

    ...I wonder if those were stubbies when he started (thinking of the last time I sharpened a pencil, grr)!
  • all hand-carved from a block of wood:

    Randall Rosenthal
  • bike obelisk
    California artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector recently constructed this incredible towering obelisk made entirely out of bikes on a street corner in Santa Rosa. Dubbed Cyclisk, the monument is an ode to bike culture constructed from 340 bicycles and one tricycle.
  • ^ha ha

    Tobias Putrih
  • buried bicycle sculptureburied bicycle sculpture
    Paris, FR :: Parc de la Vilette
  • wet n wild little people sculpture
    little people wet'n'wild
    - this one had a speaker installed in the drain which played sounds of people splashing around in a swimming pool.

    ^ video at the link.
  • what came first - chicken sculpture made from egg shells
    from kyle bean
    (who we've seen posted here before).
  • fluid sculptures

  • lovely model making skills from brandon lynn

    carol 'where the wild things are' miniature model
    the joker miniature model
  • kinetic light sculptures
    From Liquid Neons To Rotograms
    : The Kinetic Sculpture Of Julio Cesar Gonzalez

  • 100,000 toothpicks, 1 man, 35 years, insane sculpture.

  • In 2011 Spagnola & Associates faced the challenge of designing their new office space. They created a 20' wide dimensional wall to stimulate ideas and complete the office. 2804 pencils were hammered into pre-drilled holes in the panels. The completed wall reads, in custom designed letters, good design lasts. The entire process is documented in a stop motion video.
  • dream - spontaneous combustion
    Olaf Brzeski, Dream – Spontaneous combustion, 2008
  • Radioactive Control installation
    Radioactive Control installation

    The installation Radioactive Control was created for the Dockville Festival in de Hamburg which tried to demonstrate, in a humorous tone, the paranoia that we are suffering from since the escape of radioactive material in Japan, has brought into question the safety systems at the nuclear power plants.

    With our mysterious army of 100 illuminated radioactive figures, which advanced threateningly on the natural environment of the festival, we wanted to invite reflection regarding the use and abuse of nuclear energy, cheap in economic terms, but which can cause grave secondary effects for the environment and health, forever irreversible.
  • winston churchill bust made from slate slithers
    awesome slate sculptures from stephen kettle
  • the big yellow rabbit sculpture

    The Big Yellow Rabbit is a temporary 13 meter high sculpture. It's a enlarged cuddle toy made out of swedish products thrown against the statue of Engelbrekt.

    The work can be seen this summer during the OpenArt biennale.

    the big yellow rabbit sculpture
  • Three sculptures and installations by Japanese artist Takeshi Kawano. They represent the issue of global warning and the animals whom are disappearing as a result. Absolutely stunning pieces.

    penguin melting - a sculpture by Takeshi Kawano
    polar bear melting - a sculpture by Takeshi Kawano
    deer melting - a sculpture by Takeshi Kawano

    that polar bear one is pretty tough. what a big cute killing machine it is.

  • Cement Eclipses is a research project of urban space that runs between the fields of sculpture and photography. The sculpture is used as a starting point and photography as a witness to the execution of installations for later viewing or exhibition.

    The project was started in 2006 by a Spanish sculptor Isaac Cordal as a nomad project and continued with the embodiment in which the installation was mixed with urban street art. Cement Eclipseshas been discovered in urban areas in several European cities including Berlin, London, Brussels, Liege, Barcelona, Vigo, etc.

  • real life beavis and butthead sculptures!