The good morning thread



  • Another weekend!

    nearly over, oh…

  • Morning folks!

    Been a while, still here…

  • Samesies.

    Started a new job. Having vague ragrats. Except I can't properly define them.

    Just a nagging, "this is not for you" feeling 'pon the ol' subconscious :(

  • Could be the old built-in negativity bias the human brain has, may be give it time, may be don't over analyse it… 🤞🏼

    Morning! Overslept!

    …but then, I am taking this week off, kind of (switched off the 'work' email but keeping logging on!) so it doesn't really matter!

  • Evening, both 👋

    As peak says, slater - stick at it for a little while, and hopefully it all smooths out in to a good feeling instead! And if it doesn’t, cross that bridge then :)

  • Morning ~all! Nice & bright (ish)… 🌤

    It's been feeling a little more like summer the past couple of days, here, but, some weird weather sh*t going on around the world!

    Hope everyone's well (ish!).

  • Weather is rough, y’all 🌧 🌬

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