The good morning thread



  • Got my second dose on Wednesday. Thursday was a write-off, felt like death warmed up.

    Then, this morning feeling a bit better, I sneezed so hard in the shower that I put my back out. So now I'm at work with a fucked back, and the side-effects of the 5G Bill Gates nanobots cursing in my veins.

    /me pops another ibuprofen

  • That’s age, that is!

    Also, hi AM 👋

  • nah, p sure it's the fakkin' vaccine. i still feel like i'm 21, it's 1999 right...? sadlol

  • Ah, the summer of ‘99, I remember it well! *rose tints enabled*

  • Afternoon!

    Hope the back's better, Slater. And AM! Hi! New job?

  • Hello 👋😎

  • Hello 😎👋🏼

  • air hellair 👋😕

  • Morning ~all!

    Been having some great weather here – no doubt it'll be followed by a nuclear winter but enjoying it whilst I can!

  • I’m in a tent!

  • good morning. Current humidity is 99% here in SF.

    /me swims through air

  • Snorkel!

  • it is currently 86F, aka 30C, in my apartment.


  • wassup, my dudes?! other than the temperature in slater's apartment, hah! 😎

  • careening fullspeed into midlife crisis 😭

  • Could I interest you in a motorcycle purchase, sir? 😎

  • Morning! Everyone.

    All good here. 30º! A tad balmy then! A pleasant 17º forecast here…

    Yes, get that bike, then you can air cool yourself…!

  • my boss just got himself a kawasaki whatever, right after dropping a different bike during his mobike license test, which is an automatic license test fail in the state of california. sooo... nah!

  • i forgot just how tedious and soul-sucking the roommate search is


  • Morning @slater …did you every see Shallow Grave ( Maybe try their technique for 'interviewing' them…!

    …and, morning ~all!

  • I am rather moist, currently.

  • Morning!

    It was a bit sticky, in places!

  • Too hot

  • Liking the ambient temperature at the moment!

    Morning ~all

    …how's everyone doing?

    (We haven't really got into post-pandemic yet, have we! It's going to be a while, still…?)

  • just waiting for that delta/epsilon/zeta rona-rapture to take me away

  • Bonjour!

    maybe a foreign holiday next year then...


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