The good morning thread



  • Got my second dose on Wednesday. Thursday was a write-off, felt like death warmed up.

    Then, this morning feeling a bit better, I sneezed so hard in the shower that I put my back out. So now I'm at work with a fucked back, and the side-effects of the 5G Bill Gates nanobots cursing in my veins.

    /me pops another ibuprofen

  • That’s age, that is!

    Also, hi AM 👋

  • nah, p sure it's the fakkin' vaccine. i still feel like i'm 21, it's 1999 right...? sadlol

  • Ah, the summer of ‘99, I remember it well! *rose tints enabled*

  • Afternoon!

    Hope the back's better, Slater. And AM! Hi! New job?

  • Hello 👋😎

  • Hello 😎👋🏼

  • air hellair 👋😕

  • Morning ~all!

    Been having some great weather here – no doubt it'll be followed by a nuclear winter but enjoying it whilst I can!

  • I’m in a tent!

  • good morning. Current humidity is 99% here in SF.

    /me swims through air

  • Snorkel!

  • it is currently 86F, aka 30C, in my apartment.


  • wassup, my dudes?! other than the temperature in slater's apartment, hah! 😎

  • careening fullspeed into midlife crisis 😭

  • Could I interest you in a motorcycle purchase, sir? 😎

  • Morning! Everyone.

    All good here. 30º! A tad balmy then! A pleasant 17º forecast here…

    Yes, get that bike, then you can air cool yourself…!

  • my boss just got himself a kawasaki whatever, right after dropping a different bike during his mobike license test, which is an automatic license test fail in the state of california. sooo... nah!

  • i forgot just how tedious and soul-sucking the roommate search is


  • Morning @slater …did you every see Shallow Grave ( Maybe try their technique for 'interviewing' them…!

    …and, morning ~all!

  • I am rather moist, currently.

  • Morning!

    It was a bit sticky, in places!

  • Too hot

  • Liking the ambient temperature at the moment!

    Morning ~all

    …how's everyone doing?

    (We haven't really got into post-pandemic yet, have we! It's going to be a while, still…?)

  • just waiting for that delta/epsilon/zeta rona-rapture to take me away

  • Bonjour!

    maybe a foreign holiday next year then...


  • i haven't seen my parents or my sister & her kids in over 2 years :(

  • Morning!

    The restrictions are falling away, fingers crossed for all that – holidays where you want and catching-up with family (if you wish 😁)…

    I guess you'll have a house full again, chris, and lots of balancing work with… now the boys are on holiday?!

    How's trade at the hotel Slater, bloody foreigners returning?!?

  • Our house is always full! We’ve had quite a few extras over the past week, too - daughter’s birthday, so there have been a random 3 or 4 girls floating around untidily for the last few days 😂

    not even sure how many are still here now, to be honest.

  • not even sure how many are still here now, to be honest.

    Not surprised 😁

    (I forgot you've a daughter too and I don't know how you and your misses manage them all; I've a friend with five – you've five? – and it's a full time job, on top of a full time job for them…)

  • no bloody foreigners (yet? please come back), save for the occasional exception like embassy staff etc.

    sad, lonely, overworked, underpaid, it's the american dream

  • only 4 here, peak - it’s a breeze!

    slater 😢 you gonna move?

  • Oh, only four! Yes, easy peasy… 😁

    Foreigners? Looks like there'll be lots of Afghans visiting now, well a few hundred, so don't worry…! (I've lost track of what restrictions there are where, with travel, but then I've not plan to go overseas at the moment)

    Oh – the big and little hands have slipped past the hour whilst I was typing!

    Good afternoon!

  • i hope some afghanis come over 'ere and open some restaurants featuring their cuisine

    /me dreams of a butter lamb curry thingy

  • Morning!

    …they're struggling over in Kabul (understatement), listening to some of the reports. A mess…

  • Proper mess! Well done bush’n’blair 🙄

    (yes, and others since).

  • Morning!

  • Hai gais! Wot a weekend, ready for another one now 😎

  • edited September 2021

    Ha! I saw that on Twitter and thought of here, then forgot! It is true.

    Busy weekend, good. A friend and I are hatching plans for an overnight camp, fingers crossed the weather stays fine (bit of a fair-weather camper!).

    World's still f*cked, I see (just reading the news) 😆

    …how's everyone else? I know you're there!

  • Trying to avoid the news 😎

    Kids back in school today, I’m already shattered, but about to cycle to the workshop and then do some design work, uh...

    Happy Mondays!

  • Morning!

    Yes, I try to expose myself to the news as little as possible atm!

    …I don't want to become a news story myself 😁

    Ah, back to school. I've not long since seen the neighbourhood kids head off. It warms the cockles, all fresh-faced and (mostly) eager (I expect).

    Have fun at the workshop. 🏍

  • moanin'...

    it's the 20th anniversary of THAT DAY WE SHOULD NEVR FURGIT coming up here in New Blighty™ ...

    that's all.

  • edited September 2021

    Hey Slater

    Yes, been lots of coverage (over here and there too I imagine!)…

    I was working in a design faculty at the time and, like most, remember it vividly… the head of school stuck a TV in the foyer. I can't remember now whether we saw the second plane as it happened or whether that's the memory playing tricks but I do remember the moment we switched realisation/mindset from 'normal' plan crash to terrorist attack.

    Visited New York, with the same faculty, 3/4 years after and it was still very much 'in the air'…

  • edited September 2021

    i was working in a Swiss bank's web dept in Zurich at the time. Was explaining Intranets to some day-trader numpty, his colleague next to him was all "uhhhhhhhhhhhh...uhhhh... why are all our stocks BRIGHT RED...?! oh. oh shhhhhiiii"

  • I was lying in bed with my girlfriend, hungover, watching the lunchtime showing of neighbours which got interrupted for two months with footage of everything, over and over again.

    Married 15 years now, mind.

  • yeah but what about the girlfriend? eyooooo

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