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    Oh, reason I’m awake at this time on a Sunday? A radiator just fell off a wall in the boys’ bedroom - lots of noise, but no reason, nor any flooding. 2020, am I right?!

    Gonna get some sleep and then fix that at some point, ffs...

  • Ha! That's quite random… and probably a bit of a shock for the boys! Yes, sounds very 2020…

    Morning all!

  • Morning!

    Wasn’t much of a shock for them - didn’t wake them up 😂

  • Morning!

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    …phew, just got in there! 😁

    Ha, okay, sleeping like the dead… or do you dope them to, in theory, get a good nights sleep!?!

    Sounding a bit iffy on the old virus front, listening to the news last night/this morning! Fed-up with it now…

    Which makes me think… @slater how are you doin', where are you!?

  • BBC homepage just about sums it up.

  • Yeesh!

    Morninoon 😎

  • another 94 days of the orange fucko

    good afternoon. shit's all fucked up.

  • Luv you slater!

  • Luv you too, chris!

    shit's fucked.

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    Morning 😊


    I love everyone, expect maybe…

  • Evening!

    Got back earlier, started the mower for one of the twins to finish off one of the lawns for me (he’s 8 now, gotta start earning his keep!), and set off to build a bit of an A-frame for some tomatoes I’ve got growing up a wall - happy days!

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    For sure, I was certainly cutting lawns by ten; just the evening for it, if the weather there was anything like here.

    My lone tomato plant's got about 20 fruit on it now - whoop - and half a dozen of them are ripening nicely… 😊

    (Oh, my typo yesterday! Except, of course… 😁 )

  • my unemployment money runs out end of the month. i have one more month saved up, because lol american capitalism.

    i'm a hotel manager, and as such dependent on the tourist industry. lol.

    hotel GM wants to re-open ASAP, but we're not allowed to yet by law.

    my anxiety level is somewhere in the stratosphere.

  • If it’s anything like here, as soon as you do open up, it’ll be bedlam on the booking front!

    It’s my Lottie’s 11th birthday today 🎉 🎂

  • Morning guys (and anyone lurking)!

    Happy Birthday Lottie!! 🤘🎂

    Hey, remember to breath @slater, and hang in there (and get some help maybe, if you can).

    Yes, it'll be bedlam, if the scenes around our tourists hotspots are anything to go by…

    …we've been put into another, partial, lockdown here (it wasn't me!). Back to no socialising with friends in bars and cafes, no visiting them at theirs (well, I can visit one other household, as I'm here on my own)! I can at least still head to the hills…

  • …plans for a party? For Lottie.

  • quiet, innit?

    everything's still fucked, at least for another 80-ish days, then it's either Civil War 2.0, or adults in charge again.

  • Hi dude 👋 Quiet, yup. Fucked, yup.

    Live long and persevere 🤘

  • Morning fellows.

    Aye, you're right there, quiet. Still in extended lockdown here.

    I see Clinton (Mr) has waded-in at the convention over Mr T. Obvs hoping but a change but also, as an onlooker, Biden doesn't seem to be performing that well… how's it seen over there?

    Have a nice day now! 😁 😎

  • I feel Biden's the quintessential "ANYONE BUT THE OTHER GUY" candidate. Plus, if B pops his clogs, we get our first POC woman as prez!

    I'd be lying if i said i didn't have this open in a pinned tab at all times:

  • Okay. Well, those guys do get in sometimes, quite often actually. So let's hope!

    Yes, I was listening to a profile of her over here, in the BBC, and she came over well, and I found myself thinking maybe that could happen…

    And might the draw she has, should have, for certain quarters help Biden (more than any running mate could help trump!)?

    I bet I'll look at that page a few times between now and… we've all a vested interest!

  • Happy September eve! 😎

  • Moaning Morning!

    Happy September! 🌞

    Oh, Hump day too

  • My daughter started comp today, woohoo! All the sons in on Friday. Next week is a bit of a mishmash between them all, and then I think they’re all back to full time!

  • I’m gonna miss lockdown!

  • "My daughter started comp today…"

    Wow! Times flies… have we really been in lockdown that long…! 😁🤣

    Will I miss it? Not sure I will… before we have another I might have to get a dog …or a lodger (they're the same aren't they, picking shit up after… 😄)!

  • What's comp?

    It's 85F in my apartment, and i can't open windows cos outside's flavour of the month is "ashtray death" thanks to the wildfires. Blasting my shitty AC-on-wheels through a narrow window gap, instead.

    Also, someone tell wodehouse to chill.

  • oh, comprehensive. gotcha.

  • Mornin' @slater, everyone…

    That's toasty – oh, that's maybe not the appropriate turn of phrase, with the fires (that wasn't an intended pun!) – a damp 64ºF here.

    Hey, woody rules, leave him alone (but yes he's a tad too keen, newbies!)… 😊

  • hi guys :D

    yes - comp=comprehensive. secondary school, whatevs.

    i'm in the office today, WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT OF THIS SHIT?!

  • this is fun. some new fires! yaaaay!

  • Holy shit dude, them’s some fires alright!

  • Fucked status: Turbo

  • 😁

    I know, shouldn't laugh, but I was just trying to picture the scale.


    Friday too.

  • Sunday now! Been out on the motorcycle, so have my fingers crossed for a fortnight that no speeding ticket drops through the letterbox 😎

    In other news, they’re still at it!

  • Ha, oh, that feeling…

    I had a brown envelope drop on the matt a couple of months back, not long after I'd got my replacement wheels, from a bit of the country I'd been speeding enjoying a summer day in – oh bugger, I thought…

    But it was just some gov/tax-related paperwork when I opened…!


    Ace (the boys), if they weather is anything like here, they'll be enjoying more of that this week!?

  • After school rides to the river for some cryo-therapy, yes! Football on Thursday though, so just Every. Other. Single. Day. Of. The. Week. 😂

  • Aha, this one was possibly the second photo of my bike on Sunday (still got fingers crossed!)

    And no, of course I’m not actually going to buy the photo!

    Maybe if they printed it on a commemorative plate...

  • whelp, went about 4 days without the plonk, i consider that a win. not today. let's try again tomorrow, ey?

  • Morning ~all

    Yes, that's a win @slater …it's what we do mostly, rather than always, that matters… 😊

    I mostly eat Kit-Kats, with my mid-morning cuppa! But, today they've run out!

  • …"it's what we do mostly, rather than always sometimes…"

    You know what I meant! 😊

    Morning @peak' ! 😁

  • Morning!

    Went camping with some buddies over the weekend, great unwind that was!

    I say camping, I actually slept on my luxurious king size rock and roll bed in the back of my van 😎

  • o u reel fancy huh?!

    went off the plonk, got back on it. ow, me 'edd! 😑

  • Roughing it in a field, watching rugby on a tv screen in the door of his awning, refrigerated beers and a webber grilling a meat feast. 😎

    Headaches are a good (short term) reminder that drinking is dumb!

  • Morning!

    Camping with mates, sounds good.

    A sore head not so great but hey, there will be that moment it's gone and you better… til next time! 😁

    I got over to the north of your country Mr C, for the day last, was smashing weather (though Bala seemed to be wrapped in mist for a lot of the day). The best medicine – and it's good to see the sun and blues skies, around here, this morning – was feeling a bit too grey earlier in the week!

  • That’s Bala for you! (Truth is I’ve never actually been to Bala, just made fun of the accent a lot 😂)

    Sunny Sunday here! About to get out of bed and take the nippers for a river swim (yup, I know it’s cold - that’s why I’m not going in today).

  • mornin' from america.

    There was apparently a bbq fire a coupla streets down from me. At 8AM. Might as well get that shit started early if you want everything to be well done. Now even well-er done amirite! 😄

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    Bore da!

    "I’ve never actually been to Bala"

    There's not much there really, so you've not missed much. A long lake and a long road next to it. Oh a couple of pubs too! I suppose your boys might like the lake, if they can swim in it.

    I'll have to have a proper listen to their ascents next time, only spoke to a couple of locals, so didn't notice anything…

    Morning America,

    I see Mr T's in the news, yet again again; it should be Mr T for Teflon, rather than Trump as nothing seems to stick to him (yet)! Will the IRS be his downfall, as it was for… Capone?! 😉

  • hey if we can stick him in Alcatraz for the rest of his days, i'd be OK with that!

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