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the great big car and bike design thread

  • robo-dog, wtf? hehe

    dont panic online
    ...and they just happened to have the most awesome racetrack ever, so I bought it as a Christmas gift to the both of us. The track is over 60ft long and the cars are nicely detailed for $198.
  • bright bike
    Bright Bike
    is a Retroreflective Vinyl coated bike. It is like coating your bike with a big sticker that turns ultra-brite in headlights.
  • i want some of that slot car goodness. :)

    the bike is a great idea; it's so beyond safety duct tape all over the frame, and into the realm of actually being attractive. i'm afraid my own bike lands more on the "how those tires look" side. (with mick styleee, naturally)
  • the great big car and bike and spaceship design thread

    Secondsolar MMP - my first spaceship
    click to see more
    - they take it much further than you may first have imagined :D

    Great reference site. Thought chris might like this one ;)
  • hehe nice!
  • biketype

    oh, and I think you'll love this one :)
  • audi a'kimono concept
    The A'KIMONO LS2.0 Concept
    is a design study of a futuristic vehicle inspired by light sculptures which uses an artificial lighting system to make the exterior body surfaces visible at night, hence Automotive Lighting Sculpture. It was designed by Bulgarian Teodor Kyuchukov - Dorteo.
  • HO-fuck-LY shit
    is that even physically possible?
  • certainly possible, though i'm not sure i'd like to get around a corner on it :)
  • hubless wheel (also known as a rim-rider or centerless wheel) is a type of wheel with no center hub. to be precise, however, the hub is actually almost as big as the wheel itself. the axle is hollow, following the wheel at very close tolerances.
  • the above bike, in video -
  • dramatic lighting and music add to the allure. :D

    i do notice that there is no cornering in the little movie.

    heh.. i've been swooning over "hubless" bicycle wheel concepts for years, but they still seem to be limited to track bikes.

    i don't care if it goes around corners or not.... if you are on the back of that motorcycle, you are probably badass.... and sexy. *nod*
  • well, a 360 section rear tyre, combined with the stupidly long forks at such a shallow rake make for straight lines. i understand that hubless wheels, in reducing rolling mass, should allow better manoeuvrability (totally outdone by everything else i mentioned, in this case hehe).
  • ~head asplodes
  • this helmet is sexy.

    i'd lose the logo fast, though.

    ruby helmet
  • that helmet is lovely! :) ideal for some summertime mod-scootering, i reckon.

  • probably wont mean much to you, but this is a custom build raptor powered by an r1 engine. a friend of mine is currently building one very similar to this. stupid. can't wait to have a go :D
  • lamborghini
    lamborghini insecta concept
  • i love that (light) burnt orange colour. ;) the car looks insectoid.
  • aptly named :)
    too bad the photo is badly fucked and car is so obvioulsy photoshopped there...
  • i'd have gone with "cricketoid" myself.

    if you flipped it back for front, it would look a bit like a Lamborghini.

    anyone think that any of these concept cars will be built? ;)
  • well, the iroc (first post) has lent a load of concept features to a recently released vw production car, and the dodge challenger concept has made it into production fairly unchanged...
  • okiedokie. ;)

    someone has to sketch out the changes and new features, i know.

    it's just that the slick concept cars remind me so much of this 12 year old that's in my MathClub class who spends all his time drawing amazing cars. i always start mentally whistling "dream on, little broomstick cowboy' when i see the wishful car concepts.
  • speaking of insectoid....

    bloodmobile 1
    bloodmobile 2
    bloodmobile 3

    it's a bloodmobile.
  • citroen's Hypnos, a diesel-electric hybrid 4×4 concept car, exterior citroen's Hypnos, a diesel-electric hybrid 4×4 concept car, interior and doors
    Hypnos, a diesel-electric hybrid 4×4 concept car, from citroen.

  • autobahn tape
  • this makes me horny

    Notice the 4x4 action .... droool ....... it could just be FWD but let me have my fantasy.

  • sunk said...this makes me horny

    Notice the 4x4 action .... droool ....... it could just be FWD but let me have my fantasy.

    Im with you on that one, stunning
  • what are the chances that we'll see some of these on the roads: solar and solar/hybrid concept cars.

    solar powered

    from webecoist
  • a 70 -year old concept bike:

    BMW R7.1
    BMW R7.2
    BMW R7.3
    BMW R7.4

    It was shelved as WWII approached, and put in a box. In 2005, that box was opened, and BMW Classic started the restoration.

    article at BMBikes

    Pure Sex.
  • and Rollie Free's 150.313 mph (241.905 km/h) 1948 bike ..

    as seen here in action ..
  • can i put this wheeled conveyance in this thread?

    Mercury skate 1Mercury skate 2

    Mercury skate 3Mercury skate 4

    via DVICE
  • Trident Iceni
    UK sports car maker, Trident Performance Vehicles, has released details of its diesel-powered, 200mph Iceni model.
    The company claims its car is capable of 0-60mph in less than four seconds and delivers over 68.9mpg, despite packing a 550bhp 6.6-litre V8.
  • MOY concept car
    MOY concept car designed by Elvis Tomljenovic

    MOY concept is made for generation who uses technology as a means to express themselves and communicate with others. The idea behind MOY concept is that everyone can design their own car on their own computer and then apply the design to the vehicle using wireless data transfer or share it with other people through web-site, forum, e-mail etc. To those who lack the necessary skills or time to create their own design, we offer the option of downloading ready made designs. The vehicles are interconnected, so the change is possible in motion. Movement recognition technology enables us to draw on the car in real time. Since MOY can display both static images and videos, it can be used as a new medium of promotion. Vehicle is powered by batteries that charge electro motors set in wheels and controlled by drive-by-wire technology. The body of the car is made of outer and inner polycarbonate layers, with layers of liquid crystals, LED diodes and electro chromic foil (film) in between.

    MOY concept car
  • Motorists should face fewer red lights following the relaxation of government guidance on the flow of traffic.

    Local councils can adopt "green wave" systems of sensors, where vehicles at or just below the speed limit trigger a succession of green lights.

    Environmental and motoring groups say carbon emissions will be reduced.
  • mclaren diesel supercar p11 environmentally friendly supercar. McLaren says the P11, which will feature a regenerative breaking system and v8 diesel-powered engine with a scorching top speed of over 200mph, will be the greenest vehicle in its class.

    mclaren diesel supercar p11

    via: autoexpress

  • Mark Savory and Bill Johnson decided to create a modern interpretation of the Cucciolo Ducati, using a 48cc 2-stroke single cylinder and the frame from a Schwinn single-speed pushbike.