Space Ghetto (AKA the LJ thread best bits)

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OK so over at YH myself and Kathkirrit post the majority of the LJ thread (although Austin posts a lot recently too). To the best of my knowledge neither of us use Fuzzysquid (I certainly don't) for the simple reason that its terrible. Why spend ages searching for an image when plenty of places already find the best stuff for you?

The best of these places is Space Ghetto (or S_G as its known). S_G started out as a LJ group and got closed down so many times due to innapropriate images that they eventually left LJ and started their own website. Unfortunately they got kicked off a bunch of hosting deals for the content and have had issues with technical stuff and financing. In their current guise they can be found at: this link - If you haven't figured it out already its very NSFW.

There are other places to get images that go into what we post on the YH LJ thread but the bulk of it comes from S_G. I'd tell you them all (they aren't hard to find, I managed it!) but I'm playing my cards close to my secret upperhand advantage (or something like that).

Please visit S_G and post some awesomeness in this thread. I shall do the same.


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