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The good morning thread
  • Guten Morgen !
  • meska:Grey as Chicken's nutsack here.
    har har =P

    good morning btw
  • Good Morning,all!:smile:

    chicken...hope the swelling has gone down.
  • he's not :D
  • so far so good.
  • Good Moaning - miserable as a druid's bastard here
  • Mornin !

    Rainy as a fookin bastard here :awkward:
  • good morning!

    it is also slightly raining heavily as a fookin bastard here :D
  • Raining like a wet miserable one-ball-less-mofo of a bastard here! :D

    Also first of a many Xmas parties starting tonight...

    ~rubs hands at impending carnage
  • morning, oooo look it's raining, sheesh there's a surprise
  • sunny as a nutsack here. cold as same.
  • I have no *nutsack* references...urm because I have no nutsack.

    But it is sunny here in NYC and I think I'll leave poor chicken and his balls alone!
  • good morning! much betterer weather today (but still overcast...) :)
  • Guten Morgen!

    windy as a basefart here.
  • Sunny as a bastard in Lolgate
  • Good Morning Friday - a watery blue sky here in outer space.
  • sun's not all the way up yet, so i'll have to wait on the weather report. it seems quiet.

    i have a strange feeling about this one. dunno why exactly.
  • Cirrus clouds as a bastard here !
  • afternoon. My head hurts... lots to drink last night...
  • hehe. Any hot gossip?
  • Actually gossip free, but my colleague came up with a cracker during The Big Speech by the group head to all of us... "our company is like the council estate of the group" :D

    We were the rawkus bunch, cracking jokes, piss taking and generally being the foul loud mouthed mixture of peeps that we're expected to be ;)
  • Gonna be rainy and grey today..temp will rise to 81f.. its 4:43 am(CST) and i have 1/2 bottle of absinthe left.. And when I can focus on words.. I'm reading some early Bukowski...
  • heavy rain a-go-go :)

    i need to move...
  • Been raining for days. not at all sunny as a bastard!

    Oh, yeah, moderately good morning everyone! I woke up with my nails painted.
  • Good morning !

    Sunny and cold as a bastard here...
  • BORE DA!

    indeed, nice looking day out there. low sun + shiny roads = exciting drive in!
  • Nice light for photography
  • good.. day really. I think I need to start waking up in time. Or why bother :D
  • morning, the frost is here.......not long for the snow maybe?
  • bore da!

    nice and crisp, lol @ snow.
  • bore da to you!

    Crisp here. No snow or ice storms as a bastard though.
  • Ah, today the sun is happily shining! As a bastard!

    I stil need to try to wake up earlier. I get this guilty feeling when I wake up continuously at 12:00...
  • moin moin

    sky: pantone 422 c
    temperature: to warm for snow to cold for bikinis
    rain: you bet
    mood: pantone process black
  • CPU:moin moin

    sky: pantone 422 c
    temperature: to warm for snow to cold for bikinis
    rain: you bet
    mood: pantone process black

    time for some grappa then!? ;)
  • yah, i should start drinking at nights, so i dont have to wake up sober.
  • image

    sunny as a bastard again! yay!!

    just got in though - there had been a big accident on a motorway that then caused traffic 'mayhem' on a lot of other roads as they diverted traffic through them.
  • better late than never !

    Sunny and icey as a bastard here !
  • Good morning !

    Icey as a bastard here

    There is a 50% change that we will have a black christmas in finland this year. It doesn't happen often and because of the global warming, this will possibly be the first year of many to come with no snow on the ground on christmas eve.

    A difficult thing to get accustomed to!
  • Frosty as a bastard in Lolgate
  • Good morning BTW
  • lots of iceblink here. bright and cold. not bad.
  • Good morning. Dark as a bastard in Lolgate :happy:
  • bore da! didn't get much sleep last night, so pretty chipper atm, and soon to slip into some sort of grumpy bastard mood by around midday. let's get some coffee, eh? :)
  • Coffee sounds good. I've been up since 4am, how 'bout you?
  • about the same, though i did have a nap at 7.45 - then was late for work :)
  • but, errr, you are used to it so it must be easier for you :D