icon height getting clipped by 2 pixels on safari

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i sized down my naughty nick icon to 32x32 and its getting clipped at the bottom by 2 pixels.

just pointing it out to the powers that be.


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    [ X ] should be in 'advice'

    ...i think :D

    avatars are likely to be reduced in physical size further soon :)
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    what 1x1? :P
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    16x16, probably.
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    I kinda like the size now. too small for anything really garish, but big enough where people can be clever and make something cool.
    Also small enough were you can easily ignore them if you want without much trouble.
    easier to deal with then banners and sh*t like that
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    16x16 worries me a little, but I guess mine is doable at that res.
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    sock:16x16, probably.

    but the size now is small enough, mate. Any smaller and I'll need a magnifying glass. We don't all have 20/20 vision =]
  • ihcihc
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    ^won't somebody please think of the childrenhabitual masturbators
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    hehe, that's chicken and livepulse that i have on that list so far, ihc...
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