The good morning thread



  • one of those hump days again, yo!

  • Morning!

    Well, a new day at least, it's still night really...

    Back to Haiti! Take care!

    Cheers! I wasn't fishing, honest 😁

    You can't ask me that chris! (Somewhere around 473,040!)

  • Mornevenin'!

    I'm orff to bed (9PM on Best Coast™ innit)

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    i fucking hate this country.

  • it makes me so mad seeing and reading what's happening here - in just the past two weeks!

    i think most of us would just think that you don't want any part of it. which is where i am, but i still have to live here for a time. i want nothing to do with anything here. explain my previous note.

    i thought today was monday, too... ;)

  • Well, it’s nearly Friday, so you’ve got that going for ya! *silver lining*

  • Another long weekend in Blighty, hey.

    Hope it warms up a bit!

    Hellos 😎

  • It’s been kinda sunny here today! I put sun cream on, at least.

    which was good, as when I was strimming through acres of bramble and nettles, it all stuck to me in a lurid green, stingy, sweaty paste with spiky bits 👍

  • upgraded armor! level up!

    it's a dull, california-gray day here. Might go to the sekrit, not-yet-overrun-by-gurning-hipsters coffee shop i found the other month.

    might delete later

  • Off-grid espresso weekend! Fuck you electricity - we don't need you anyways!

    The espresso is actually really good and strong!

  • morning!

    they look pretty, vask. /me sips an instant coffee...

  • sup? you got plans?

    got no plans, here.

  • Morning

    Umm yes, a coffee, please!

    Weekend: the weather is glorious here, taking advantage of it to get on top of a little gardening (which has gone a bit rogue at the top-end).

  • I had the chainsaw out yesterday. I have too much tree cut down for a single fire, I think. And I have much more tree in need of cutting - uhoh!

    might end up phoning my arborist mate to see if he fancies parking his van and chipper behind the wall for me 😁

  • i have been obsessed with this beauty lately. if i lived in a normal country i would have bought one by now...

  • oh. my. lord.

    that thing is beautiful! and i never thought i'd say that about a chainsaw 😂

    morning! sunneh as a bastard.

  • I think I need a cold shower – either down to, more chainsaw pørn that I can cope with for a Monday or it's warmer here than we're used to!


  • i like to think of all the things i could chainsaw: meats, cheeses, watermelons, ices, air. i reeeeeeeeeally need one!

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    meats, cheeses, watermelons, ices, air


    Good night from SF. i have the breakfast shift tomorrow at the 'ôtel, a shift i used to hate but have come to kinda like, cos apart from the One Good Employee, i use the time to fix shit the other employees balls'd up!

  • lol! Good luck with the ungodly wake up though, slater!

    sunneh as a bastard here again today, yis it is!

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    this is what it felt like sometimes when i used to go to the coffeeshop in the morning in seattle - a 15 minute lecture on whatever subject of the day. JUST GIVE ME THE COFFEE NOW!

  • Sunneh as a bastard. This is some kind of record breaking number of consecutive days of sunneh now. We’re up to about 3, I think!

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    Well, the recording break run ended yesterday but it's doing it's best to return again, here, at the moment!


  • Morning, guys! Hope all is well in fazyland 😊

  • nice and quiet. spent the weekend doing detail drawings for the contractor that are probably going to make his brain explode. starting to prepare for leaving haiti...i'm done is less than a month already.

  • I had shit sleep over the weekend, got nothing of substance done, have a gum infection, and am grumpy as fook.

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    ouch. sorry to hear that.

    when i'm totally fed up - i take a hot bath.

    which, honestly, it doesn't always help (haiti, bleh). but, maybe it will for you?

  • Haven’t had a bath for months. To be honest, I struggle to justify a bath 😁

  • RIP Niki.


  • morning :)

    sunneh, eh?

  • i had too much to drink last night and now i feel like crap. bah!

  • Ah, drink!

    I’ve been to school twice today for sports day. Luckily, the weather was close to splendid 😎

  • So, everyone ready for Prime Minister Farage?

  • ^ someone re-do that with Farage's face.

  • Farage can’t be prime minister (in this bit, at least).

  • Morning!

  • Morning! It’s still morning, right? I’ve been awake for like 3 or 4 hours already.

  • fucking clients...and webhosts...and most of humanity...

  • Is it possible to make the emojis bigger? I feel like I'm turning into an old guy trying to see those. Oh, wait...

  • wake up!


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    morning! ☺️

  • Hello!

    It's phissing it down! Where the fk is summer, I want my money back.

    Someone's taking Boris to court for his £350M brexit lie… 😁

    this could be interesting!

  • i guess i'm happy it's friday. barely moved at all this week. everyday was just another day.

    cooking for 40 people this weekend though...

    et vous?

  • Whatcha gonna cook 'em, vaaaskaaaa?

    Me, I gotta work tomorrow (Saturday), then it's two days of weeeeekeeend yahooooo

  • Morning! Day in the garden yesterday followed by looking at it raining today :)

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