suzuki gsxr 750 on the dyno

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man, this sent shivers down my spine. probably of no interest to you though, right? :D


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    If you were wondering if I started playing with my willy when I watched the clip: no :)

    But to have been there while my eardrums exploded could've been a right blast
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    If you were wondering if i wondered if chicken was playing with his willy when i watched this.... no.

    the sound of a motor being "challenged" like that, though......... no.

    the shivers were there... as in "omg make him stop doing that!!!" YSMV (your shivers may vary).
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    ah, it's not that bad... the worst bit of a dyno is that there is twice as much contact area on the tyres ;)

    i have been known to redline my gsxr 750 once or twice (not often in top gear :o though)
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    Sounds like a day at the office this time last year :)
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