A spammy please like this photo post from am :)

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Hello, its am here (I know I should stay in touch!).

I was wondering if those of you that use Facebook could like this picture of my work friend so that she can win a night away with her partner to a luxury hotel.


She is catching up with the current winner, and the competition closes on Sunday.

Thanks kindly.

am (:


  • @am there are ten photos come up (with a contact sheet numbering the ten), which photo wants liking?
  • i've no facebook account :D :D :D
  • (i do have a TV, though)
  • (i do have a TV, though)
    I don't have a TV..

  • Too cool! :D
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    I have a bike. It's a nice bike too. I like my bike... and my cats. I have cats too. I love them. I love my cats.
  • I have an FB account only because mrs mondo made me get one when she went to the Okavango delta (why would you want to communicate with the outside world when you're on safari?!).. since that time, I've kept it solely for ignoring requests for friendship. I've got about three friends in real life, that's enough for any man.
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