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  • Why did I click? WHY????
  • some things cannot be unseen :(
  • Lol!

    (didn't click, but I'm guessing it's an imploding jar in the bum type video).
  • ... and the guy then proceeds to pull the pieces of glass out of his arse. Lots of blood is involved. I managed 90 seconds before closing the tab. It took me a couple of days to sop thinking about it.

    It's definitely a watch-once-and-never-again-clip.
  • i can't even imagine the healing time of slicing the insides of one's anus. oh the horror. :(

    waiting for mick to weigh in on the healing time....
  • i bet it's one of the quicker to heal areas. lots of blood flow.
  • well, that guy doesn't have a problem with blood flow there. well, off to go pour more bleach in my eyes.
  • you're best off starting with bleaching the brain, and let it all dribble out through your eyes. i speak from experience :D
  • and listen to this as you cry yourself to sleep tonight, wishing your memories away.

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    They dude won't be able poo out of his bumhole for a while though. We're talking about some serious stitching in his rectum. The idiot can look forward to getting an artificial outlet for his bowel movements until his internal wounds heal.
  • nah, couple of days 'taking it easy' and i'm sure he'd have been alright, no need for stitches.

    gosh chicken, you don't have have a flair for the dramatic ;)
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