Branding & Art Direction for theDesk co-working space

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Branding & Art Direction for theDesk co-working spaceAoiroStudioDec 09, 2019

Let's kick it off as I would like to share the work of Toby Ng for the branding project he worked for theDesk, a co-working space based in Hong Kong. Their mission is to provide a well-designed environment to work in, built on inclusive global and local communities mindset while enabling business growth for both its members and the surrounding neighborhood. Toby has done tremendous work on its logo identity that brings total simplicity and style at the same time. Let's take a dive in.

Branding and Art Direction

About Toby Ng

Toby is a creative director based in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. His work is pretty subtle, creative, and stylish. Make sure to follow his work on Behance.

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