Noted: New Logo for Vox Media by Triboro and In-house

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“Boom Vox”

New Logo for Vox Media by Triboro and In-house

(Est. 2003) "Vox Media is the leading independent modern media company. Known for building the best media brands and the technology that enables them, we are committed to building a better future for the industry -- and getting the future of media right. Vox Media's editorial networks include Vox, The Verge, SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Recode, and Curbed. Our diverse storytelling and advertising businesses include the Concert publisher-led marketplace, the Vox Creative brand studio, the Chorus publishing platform, and the company's entertainment division Vox Media Studios, which includes the Vox Media Podcast Network and Epic."

Design by

Triboro (Brooklyn, NY) and In-house

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The logo is designed from the foundation of the three letterforms that form the word Vox, each of which can be reduced to simple geometric shapes - a triangle, a circle and a square. The rest of the letterforms respect that geometry with the V shape mirrored in the letter M of media. The elemental nature of the logo is not only meant to express a simplicity in design but also not to upstage the more expressive and diverse logos of our expanding editorial portfolio. Our previous logo included a shield like symbol which had lost any context or meaning and felt like unnecessary adornment.

As a companion to the simple reductive logo, Triboro also created a more expressive custom typeface. The display font, named “Onward,” is used for emphatic brand moments such as corporate signage and is meant to provide a kinetic forward leaning counterpoint to the logo.

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New Logo for Vox Media by Triboro and In-house

New Logo for Vox Media by Triboro and In-house
Vox Media family of logos.

New Logo for Vox Media by Triboro and In-house
Custom typeface.


Unlike the more noisy BuzzFeed, high-aspiration Medium, or corporate Verizon Media (HuffPo, Engadget, TechCrunch), I feel like Vox Media has slowly and quietly built one of the strongest most consistent media networks out there in terms of both content and design, with a lot of their work done in-house. The recent merger with New York Media (who publish the always fabulous New York magazine) is a testament to the strength of the Vox Media brand, as it that’s the name that was retained. Anyway… the old logo… was fine. I never quite liked it but there was also not much to dislike, except perhaps the overly generous letter-spacing that yielded a really wide logo punctuated by an abstract thing. The new logo is not exciting but it’s bold and more confident and mature. It’s nicely executed and looks good on their website in black and white. If there was any apprehension it would be that perhaps it’s too corporate and loses some of the independent flair that’s part of what makes the brand appealing. There is also a custom font, randomly presented without context — it’s nice and I would buy it if commercially available but its use remains to be seen. Overall, a confident improvement that perhaps needs a little softening in application.

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