Noted: New Logo for Sandwich by Cosma Schema

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“Any Way you Slice it”

New Logo for Sandwich by Cosma Schema

(Est. 2010, previously Sandwich Video) Sandwich is a creative agency in Los Angeles, CA, that creates videos of all kinds, from direct-response explainers that focus on the product to national TV campaigns that elevate the brand, working with indie startups, big publicly traded companies, and everything in between.

Design by

Cosma Schema (Los Angeles, CA)

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That is our brilliant new logo. When this one popped up in a concept review session somewhere in the middle of the second round under the name “Flavor Town”, our jaws dropped to the floor and we all fell instantly in love because it is just so Sandwich.

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New Logo for Sandwich by Cosma Schema


There isn’t much to see here and Sandwich, the company, isn’t something most of us would be aware of but it’s Friday and this logo made me smile from ear to ear. A recent comment on the Sydney Dance Company post said “Someone wake me when people start actually designing stuff, rather than just setting some [sans] serif type.” Wake up my man because I think this logo is a perfect example of someone “designing stuff”. There are dozens of visual options to represent “sandwich” and I would say this is one of the least expected, with a single slice of bread holding some extra funky, extra fun lettering that follows the silhouette of the bread. The lettering even sandwiches itself with three layers of characters neatly stacked. I don’t even know why I am over-rationalizing this… it made me smile, it made me happy, and it makes me want a sandwich. All good things.


  • I love this. Posted it to a group chat last week without really knowing where it came from.

  • Yes, I quite like that too… did wonder about the type colour but not sure an alternative would have been any better…


  • Oh, it's years since I had a jam sandwich, I might just…

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