Design with AI

I get so tempted to try these out sometimes...

"Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create beautiful logo packages for your brand."



  • PNG file
  • Multiple logo sizes
  • Unlimited in-browser customization support
  • Editable vector files
  • Social media designs


  • The quality of the work is exactly what you would expect, too.

  • I think the big question I have after looking at these things - do designers care about their work anymore? photos/everything...same-same...etc.

  • some do! but this is more like stock logos, rather than design, no? :)

  • edited September 4

    Hey, don't be so quick to judge @Vaskerville, look (it was bound to happen)…

    Not sure what they're thinking with the teepee! We're clearly cowboys, not Indians! 😁

    Oh and my favourite…

    Point-size/kerning needs a bit of work on that strapline but, hey… 😎

  • @peak: i stand corrected. perfectly appropriate design!


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