Why are more cities and towns taking on place branding?

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As more areas invest in new identities, we speak to designers and councils about why this is a growing trend, the benefits a visual brand can bring to a locality and the ethical issues to consider.

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  • feels like they've chosen some weak examples to illustrate this article, i bet there are some awesomer ones that have been done somewhere!

    often see a few of these city branding efforts pop up on brand new every now and then - there have been a few US ones that i can remember, and a french one (that may have already been posted here somewhere...).

  • when everybody is doing it - it becomes saminess. blanding. yes, it is nice to go to a city where things are visually organized and feel brand new - but i'm kind of tired of the mallification of everywhere. i think most people are...except maybe 'influencers'. all those awkward faux city spaces (thinking of Seattle and Miami specifically) just waiting for a Trader Jo's to be installed.

    globalism was mostly a positive thing on culture itself, but do we really want the same boutique'y kitchenware shop in every city? special isn't special anymore.

    one day, there will be a city with real balls to say what it is instead of nice copywritisms.

    Try Your Luck. Only 15 Murders Per Day.

    We Hate You Even More When You Try To Speak Our Language.

    No Smiles. Bad Looks. Long Stares. But The Drug Runners Are Gorgeous.

    We Love To Bilk You In Every Way.


    can't sleep...have a stomach ache... ;)

  • ...I'm not sure it's that new either, I can remember campaigns twenty years ago but maybe the motives/rational/style has changed; and there are some naffer straplines?!

  • What the hell is up with this wall in Belfast (our dinner guests were telling us about this)?!

    "We want to get along but 'somebody' won't let us."

    "We are simply confused."

    "We are too old to care and enjoy riding the bus."

    "After xxPM the gremlins come out so we have to lock that wall door."

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