Need a push in right direction

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Chaps I'm sorry but I have a really silly question WHICh seems no one knows.

Got a very irritating question and I need to know.
re black and white printing or copying with top of range Xerox laser printers or similar.
I know the fundamentals science bit BUT depth of pen ink on an original hand written letter when copied by one of these top machines at top res are they capable of also including the incredibly peaks and dips in the uneven flow from ballpoint, gels etc?

You darlings could save moi a small fortune in not bothering someone not chatted with before not even once...oh the dread of doing that.

more xx's my lovelies


  • I'd say the only way to do that, would be by photographing with a copy stand - but that's no expert witness speaking...
  • Yeah, I can’t imagine a copier/printer is going to do that very well. Also not an expert witness!
  • Ahhh...I feel all warm inside.

    Thank you P & C.

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