big issue gets a redesign

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The Big Issue print magazine has had a redesign, in a bid to demonstrate the breadth that the magazine covers, from regional news and features to arts, culture, music and travel.

The redesign, which has been completed by the Big Issue’s in-house creative team, also looks to attract new readers to the magazine, while making existing readers feel “more involved” with the publication.

It launches with this week’s issue, which marks the centenary of the end of the First World War and features an investigation into how to help homeless veterans on its cover.

The Big Issue launched in 1991 as a weekly publication to raise awareness of the homeless community in London and to offer them opportunities for employment and for raising money.

It has a unique model in which volunteer street “vendors” are employed to sell the weekly magazine, many of whom are homeless or living in temporary accommodation themselves.


There are three distinct sections in the new design: news at the front, features in the middle, then culture at the back, which includes art, film, books, food, travel and music.


New series include The Big List, a section explaining 10 things happening that week, specific to the region in which the magazine is distributed. This section is quite “flexible”, says Lesley-Bayne, with the scope to move text and imagery around rather than be templated.

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    Following the i, and everyone else I guess, but it was in need.

    ...I did the pictures for the first Big Issue in the North (Manchester), covering its launch; it was only an insert in the 'national' then, so not much of a claim to fame!

    I took a couple of nice portraits of the vendors-to-be but the editor chose a quick snap I did of a pretty girl in a big issue baseball cap :!:
  • Typical editor! :D
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