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Social media for the future
  • What would it be like...?
  • fap fap fap
  • oh, you mean like those AI generated porn vids but with your friends and family?

    Facebook™ Pornily™
  • A bit like here, but more diverse 'membership'?!?
  • i think it will be like the movie surrogates. where people have AI avatars that look nothing like themselves and interact with each other while their fat lazy asses sit on couches in their underwear eating cheetos.
  • Second Life AI replicating real life but much more raunchy.
  • exactly :D
  • it would be so awful but you know people wouldn't be able to stop watching.
  • peak' said:

    A bit like here, but more diverse 'membership'?!?

    ...I suppose I should have clarified, that's how I hope it is, not how I expect it to be.

    I think you ^ have got it more right.

    Probably a bit of Hunger Games thrown in somehow, for good measure, too.