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Hah.. Blast from the past...
  • its just crazy it doesnt even have a wiki page. it was the largest mac underground community on the web.

    Do you know, I think I prefer it that it wasn't. Those who know, know. Some of the other boards I peruse have all this, like it's a trophy or something. We were underground Mac & PC (I forgive you) bandaleros, sharing the wealth, and having a massive laugh of the back of it. Let's keep it that way... :)
  • meska said:

    It has been a pleasure knowing and meeting such great people (i'm talking about you lot).

    Some of my IRL friends don't even know half of what I used to get up to... but you lot know it all :)))

    Ah, I'm feeling all warm now...

    Let's hope it's just your post that's made me feel that way and not, oh! ...
  • Joking aside, I'm fond of this place (and base before of course).
  • jesse said:

    I haven't recorded anything in a long while. I have been playing and writing, and building a studio in the backyard. So I dunno, maybe?

    that sounds like a definite 'yes', btw!

  • Omfg, it’s christo!

    Also, NSFW link right there, do NOT click haha
  • jésus christo :!:
  • Is that a self portrait? :x
  • never ever ever EVER click a christo link!!!! :D
  • nimmot said:

    never ever ever EVER click a christo link!!!! :D

    We know that and yet we still click, click :!:

    :D :/
  • hover first, and as long as it mentions goatse, throw caution to the wind and go for it!
  • That's even more horrific than the original!

  • LMFAO!!! :D