Is anything replacing AIM ?

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So they've killed off AIM and group support a while ago.

Anyone using anything but grimbook, grimchat and grimmessages?


  • Sadly, Whatsapp.

    I like Mastodon but there is little happening there. Ello? I don't know what to think...
  • Yo zip!

    Tao has set up a messages group now. You’ll either need a jabber-abled username or your AppleID username linked to it.

    Means I get fooking text messages all the time now though :D (notifications off for the chat, it’s ok)
  • Morning Sockomatic!

    Thanks :) will sort this one out when i'm back on the mac @ home.

    I'm starting to wean off of apple devices, so maybe i'll go for a jabber-abled username >Appleisevil<
  • I've not used AIM for years, a few friends are on Whatscrap but I've not been tempted yet... I might have a jabber ID somewhere; I didn't realise you could do a messages group!?

    I sometimes miss small of the old-school stuff, better, darn you facetwitter!
  • Ahoy... I shall be there
  • What's the messages group address?
  • I possibly added you. Dunno why I hadn’t just done that before (oops!) - I blame Tony.
  • Need to drag Shaz in there too
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