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marketing plan
  • so, i'm creating a marketing plan. yes, that's right - a marketing plan, with SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, graphs, value proposition, mission statement, customer profiles, the works.

    anyone have any insider information they are willing to share, especially in regards to SaaS stuff and this? love you loads!
  • So...What the fuck are ya gonna be selling?
  • you need all of those things? if so, i hope they are paying you a ton to think on that.

    otherwise, marketing plans are usually practical and common sense instructions.

    q1 - do this
    q2 - do this and that
    q3 - do this, that and metrics
  • moons ago when i did that kind of stuff - my experience was that if you left anything up for interpretation the client would not execute or call back with questions. basically, it was useless...

    the difference between plan and strategy.

    i'm thinking back to those days...there was no iphone and reminder apps weren't such a thing. you could send a calendar of things to do but people were too busy to even check email everyday. small biz clients... ultimately, i would get a call asking me to make something and rush it to the printer for budget...alot of stress.

    i sure miss doing print projects though. ;)
  • This is in-house for one of our SaaS products, and will include strategy eventually. It is weirdly kinda fun.
  • I also enjoy print. Still get to do some every now and then, but yeah.
  • would be way more fun.

    my dream is still to own a print shop that has a large format heidelberg press.

    did i ever tell you that story from mauritania? i was going to start a magazine there (which was actually going to be output on a risograph) but i was searching for digital output places so i could produce some prototypes and marketing matter.

    i toured a bunch of places and they were all really strange. everything there was strange. but, i found one that had alot of equipment and they didn't even know how to use everything. !!!!! (i grew up in a print shop running a two color press). so, they were going to give me the keys to the place and let me do as i wanted.

    at the end of the tour we walked outside and they owner wanted to show me something. he grabbed his keys and we walked to another office space which had traiditional print supplies. as i walked in there was a giant tarp over...a heidelberg press!!! he told me they used it for printing 3-part forms for the government. WHAT?!

    anyways, not long after my editor developed a cocaine addiction and a marital problem and i already knew i was going to move to haiti by this point. so, i never went back and fired that machine up. i'm pretty sure i will never get an opportunity like that again.

    so far, the only printing press i've found in haiti is super old school driven by feet power. and, the quality was super bad as it was in very bad condition but they were still using it. i went back later to try to buy it but the guy had moved...and his phone no longer worked.

  • i did a marketing plan/strategy for an architecture firm - in a very informal/fun way. i made a pie chart animation where all the text was gibberish and was actually a dart board. the idea being that you do these things and something will stick somewhere hopefully. i should try to find had a bunch of funny stuff like that. it did have a serious plan though and they used it (albeit constantly evolving) for years.