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Objective-See security software

    Looks like some good stuff here. All free and open source. I'm using KnockKnock and TaskExplorer, And it looks like BlockBlock will be a good replacement for Little Snitch when it gets fleshed out more.
  • what's wrong with LIttle Snitch now?
  • what's wrong with LIttle Snitch now?

    BlockBlock is free.

  • is it as good?

    also, do they update their software? they talk about el capitan...thats' two versions ago...
  • Are you doing ok in the storm?
  • Are you doing ok in the storm?

    Storms due in 12 hours. I've stocked up with tasty canned goods and made 2 gallons of ice tea. I freeze the tea and then it thaws when my power goes down. I just finished securing the storm shutters, so all looking good here.

    (Oh.. I do use little snitch, but it's nice to see a freeware alternative being worked on. At the moment It doesn't look ready for prime time)
  • good. i hope it's not so bad...

    i agree. i love to see alternatives to everything. little snitch has been so good for so long i don't mind paying for it though.