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  • anyone updated yet? what phones are you on, because i'm on a 5s, and that's the lowest model allowed the upgrade. and i'm all like, err...
  • same here chris. waiting to see what others think.

    aw fuck it. installing now. let you know.
  • sarah, our iOS dev, just updated her SE, and it's running fine and dandy. better internals than the 5s though.

    none of the dev devices have been done yet, but all those are SE and up devices now. //edit: oh, wait, there are some older ones, too, but they don't get the option of the iOS 11 upgrade anyway.
  • this sounds like a good case for buying me an X and also using it for testing for our apps...
  • i'm on a 7S plus whatever it is...updated and it's good.

    i LOVE the new control center. being able to toggle data is AWESOME!
  • Just update my SE, seems a little zippier, not really done much with it yet... thought it was going to be able to make me a cup of tea, from the hype :)
  • i updated and it seems fine. haven't really had time to kick it around and dig in too much as i'm at work.
  • some kind of bug or something. phone randomly makes the noise like i'm plugging it in to a power source and i didn't and randomly vibrates like i've gotten a text when i didn't
  • that's probably the 'time to upgrade to an iPhoneX' feature in iOS11... not a bug! :D
  • ^^ reboot?

    my phone became totally unresponsive after the update. i had to kill the battery by turning on the flashlight for a couple hours before i could recharge and turn it back on.
  • Oh, so far okay, a couple of little interface twitches but not sure if they were just the usual random, and I was looking for problems, rather than specific to the update...
  • i have it downloaded, i have my phone backed up. let's do this.
  • all is well so far!
  • iOS 11.0.1 is chewing throw my SE's battery like there's no tomorrow
  • my battery was already fucked, i'm noticing no difference yet :D
  • micky said:

    iOS 11.0.1 is chewing throw my SE's battery like there's no tomorrow

    Not noticed any increased battery usage here, on my SE, might be worth exploring forums online to see if there's anything you can tweak?

  • Have been on the dev beta cycle since 11.0 beta 1 and here are useful things I have learned.

    I wholly recommend a full backup in iTunes (and iCloud), and restore with ipsw.
    Once installed you can restore your backup from iCloud.
    Allow the phone to rebuild spotlight index and cache files. Launch Photos and let it update library. Phone will heat up with all this background activity - leave it on charge overnight and let it do its work. It should settle down back to optimum the next day. If you experience any more degradation in battery life, it's worth downloading a Battery checker off the App Store. If your phone has been through almost two years of use, it will not be that great with iOS 11.

    iOS 11 is still a beta - the issue with battery drain and/or UI glitches has been present throughout the beta cycle. Even the public version has some bugs still not ironed out from beta. Am currently on 11.1 beta 1 on my iPhone 7, and it runs pretty glitch free, but battery drain is still evident, although it has improved from 11.0 /11.01. Hopefully this will be optimised in the next version or two.