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The Trump Thread..
  • haha i can!

    "A career in the US diplomatic service awaits you" apparently.
  • probably over qualified now, though.
  • ^ We could send you to Haiti..
  • "Congratulations! A career in the US diplomatic service awaits you"

    Snap, where do I sign up... at the new US London Embassy I guess :)
  • for giggles i answered everything russia

    You got… 0/10
    Congratulations! A career in the US diplomatic service awaits you

  • Scatological comment projected on wall of Trump Hotel Saturday night,
    apparently by Robin Bell, who has been credited with similar acts
    previously. (Sorane Yamahira /
  • good work :)
  • Well, he's passed his White House medical! :P
  • fittest president ever.
  • is that photo real? or, FAKE NEWS!
  • Squashing accusations that President Trump had a sexual encounter with porn star “Stormy Daniels” while he was married to Melania, televangelist Jim Bakker explained to his audience Friday that he had confirmed that Trump was merely scheduling private time with the woman in a hotel suite in order to share with her the good news of Jesus Christ, as he had become acquainted with her and was very concerned that she was not a Christian.

    “It is preposterous to assert that a virtuous believer like Mr. Trump would cheat on his beautiful wife so callously, and while their child was only months old,” a solemn Bakker said into the camera as colorful balloons provided a backdrop for some reason. “He was so concerned with the eternal state of Miss Daniels’ soul that he scheduled some alone time with just the two of them, so he could share with her how Jesus Christ had changed his life and how He could also save her from her sins.”
  • makes sense.
  • Trumps asked to borrow Van Gogh for White House. The Guggenheim offered gold toilet instead.

    "The emailed response from the Guggenheim’s chief curator to the White House was polite but firm: The museum could not accommodate a request to borrow a painting by Vincent van Gogh for President and Melania Trump’s private living quarters.

    Instead, wrote the curator, Nancy Spector, another piece was available, one that was nothing like “Landscape With Snow,” the 1888 van Gogh rendering of a man in a black hat walking along a path in Arles, France, with his dog.

    The curator’s alternative: an 18-karat, fully functioning, solid gold toilet — an interactive work titled “America” that critics have described as pointed satire aimed at the excess of wealth in this country."
  • i couldn't watch much of that video, tbh :D
  • Of Course Trump’s Anti-Smoking Guru Made Money Trading Tobacco Stocks
    Brenda Fitzgerald has announced her resignation.

    "According to Politico, Fitzgerald, who announced her resignation Tuesday morning, purchased “tens of thousands of dollars” in stocks in the months after assuming her leadership roll at the C.D.C. They reportedly included purchases of Merck & Co., Bayer, health-insurer Humana, and US Food Holding Co., as well as shares of Japan Tobacco worth between $1,001 and $15,000. The day after investing in Japan Tobacco, Fitzgerald toured the C.D.C.’s Tobacco Laboratory, which “researches how the chemicals in tobacco harm human health.” Before taking over at the C.D.C., Fitzgerald—who has called tobacco cessation one of her top priorities—reportedly owned stock in five other tobacco companies."
  • Sheesh!
  • he's not going to like that.
  • which is great.