The New White House Webpage..

edited January 2017 in conversations immediately wiped pages on LGBT rights, civil rights, climate change, and health care from its “issues” section after Donald Trump took the oath of office.

Oh.. And we now get to know that Melania sells cheap ass jewelry through QVC,,

I went to her web page in the hopes of getting a gold gilted cock ring, But no such luck.. sighs..
Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, "Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry”, on QVC.


  • They are wronguns, for sure. I honestly can't see trump lasting 4 years, the pressure will be too much for his ego.

    What a fucking shitshow it is already. Alternative facts. Jesus Fluffing Christ.
  • I recently found out that the USians don't have a "real" recall mechanism. Seems they can nab a sitting president if said prez has done something wrong (cf. trying to get Bill Clinton booted - not because he was banging the intern, but because he "lied" under oath), but Trumpo's opinion polls could be minus ninety billion and he could remain in power. I think...?
  • Oh sure, I meant more that he'd take himself out of it due to bruised ego. It's a long shot, of course, but I can honestly see that happening. Keep the pressure up, feed them the rope.
  • During an interview with former National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden on MSNBC's Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough says, "Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump, and three times he asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point, 'If we have them, why can't we use them?'"
  • Holy ƒ uck!
  • Holy ƒ uck!

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