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  • Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou known professionally as George Michael 5 June 1963 – 25 December 2016

    Some of you might know I live in Highgate London. George was a neighbour, well a min - two min drive away neighbour. He lived more or less one or two doors away from Kate Moss.
    I'm not a stalker or die hard fan, I just know these facts due to frequenting a pub "The Flask" smack opposite their homes no more than some say 100 -150 meters away.

    I digress...I'd seen George and Kate doing the Highgate Village thing. Being normal peeps. Racing under the radar of the paps and any locals who might gawp but should have known better. I even let Kate cross the road once and and resisted the urge to have a fiddle with her on my mind later that day....

    What I wanted to say was...I heard that fans had gathered outside George's house so drove up and low and behold there was a huge gathering, and oddly an available parking space smack outside his house. Luck, fate, destiny, eroded paint markings for disabled parking bay...who knows...

    No tears. No fanatics. Just mourners. Very peaceful. Mostly respectful. Couple of tourists smiling and doing selfies WTF?!

    I digress once more...It's so odd, The Grove, the road where George lived/lives...there is a hill and a "semi" gated entrance for cars but is also a right of way route to Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House so anyone can use it to walk along. Many a beautiful house is there. The ones we dream of. Ones with cascading waterfalls. Ones with gravity defying "LA" arrangements, one with a glass bridge/tunnel that attachees one house to the other house, and one with the usual swim pool and tennis courts, and then at the end there is the bowling green and the allotments LOL. During the summer months as part of my get fit loose weight plan I'd take that walk obviously because it was downhill and made me feel like I'd accomplished something. It's a lovely place!

    So last night when I visited, and believe when I say I had no agenda in going but a friend of mine was going to walk and seeing as it was very old so I offered to drive her, the experience of the vigil brought tears, and I'm hardly a fan. Not one CD or any tracks owned. BUT It was so moving. I even found myself getting irate with one youngster who was moving flowers around trying to get a better picture. I even followed him as he made his way along the tributes and where he nearly stepped onto a bunch of flowers he felt me glaring at him and he corrected his measure.

    The dark Range Rover parked outside heavy with dust had a million messages written upon it. I found myself writing name and kisses. WTF?!

    Yes some of his tunes are engraved on my memory. I paid private respect and left.

    It was incredibly moving...just check me out writing about it here.

    George Michael RIP x

  • It was listening to the news readers reiterate his age that got me - no age… and all that, but, fifty-three!
  • 2016 illuminati was a bit rough on the celebs, for sure - lots of gooduns gone. RIP georgios.
  • Ah, that's beautiful BW. The women in my family and circle of friends are all heartbroken, i expect some of the men are too.

    I'm leaving you with what is possibly the best Wham song ever. RIP George x