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star wars
  • rogue one trailer!

  • Movie looks like somebody's Star Wars roleplaying game campaign, in all the best ways :D
  • out on the 16th here (but i may wait until the following tuesday, and get a super saver ticket at a different cinema - i don't do cinemas very often, ARRRRRR!)
  • The lads all want to go and see this together, but i'd prefer to go alone... is that wrong?
  • Nah. My 24-year old nephew is accompanying me, as I brought him to see Eps I - III.
  • i went to see the force awakens on my own, it was great :)
  • i went in the daytime, too, so the cinema was pretty empty, loved it.

    It's an entirely family affair for us. See it with the kids/wife then I'll take my Mum.
  • are you taking each of them separately so you can watch it multiple times? what a sneaky bastard! :D
  • There is an element of that for sure. It's all just money right?
  • This is a family event.
    I can't wait to enjoy some fun.
  • Good work, both! I'll likely end up going on my own, because I'm selfish like that :D
  • (Ok, maybe my daughter would like to see it, too).
  • a friend just asked if I wanted his spare ticket to a midnight screening; yes absolutely.. will have to take my son in the following days. He's pumped for it.. has resigned himself to never getting Lego Assault on Hoth, is in fact getting Lego Assault on Hoth
  • Amazing. Giving the kids Lego is a real joy in life.
  • We have some very, very good thrift stores around here. The boy's lego is about 90% from there, potentially saving millions of dollars!*

    *(not really. But a lot)
  • last jedi trailer!