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Coffee machines
  • I don't like Starbucks.

    But holy fucking shitballs they have these massive coffee machines at the Delta airport lounges that make the most awesome double espresso. When I get near them I have to drink five or more and that's plain retarded. I'm retarded!

    I would buy one if I could afford it. And, if the power surges in my house wouldn't destroy it.

    What's your best coffee machine...french press, italian roast, aeropress, don't count!!!!!
  • i've not had a coffee machine coffee for so long. i guess the last one would have been a latte from subway, it was ok, too.
  • ^maybe airport lounge with cocktail of air conditioning and sweaty/smelly passengers might increase senses so coffee then appears to taste better...try another airport lounge Vask and compare (LOL) xxx
  • haha. the lounge has showers...not sweaty in the least.

    it's no marzocco, but still - push a button and be delighted.
  • the new brazilian blend for the nespresso is amazing. today my little machine is the best one!
  • ^I am a simpleton and just like caffeine so...
  • I love coffee. Way back in the day my handle used to be Captain Caffeine.

    I currently use a Reneka 2 Head Commercial OEM, I'd been using Italian machines for ever, got to know the flavour extraction points very well from the constant pressure from go, but then i tried the Reneka (its french) when I was looking for a shop machine, it does this little stop start thing at the start of the extraction that seems to drop away the sour notes that come through at the start. Best Long Blacks I've ever pulled (tehe). With the grind on demand grinder its probably the best set up I've used and had. If you go up a model the machine doesn't even care how you tamp/if you tamp.

    Favourite blend is the Boxer Blend by Coffee Supreme
  • The "stop start thing" - is it presoaking the grounds? With our Aeropress you do that - it makes wonderful, sweet coffee. And super strong!
  • yeah its pre-soaking the pack.

    picked up a trick during competitions, sprinkle some sugar ontop of the pack before extraction, smoothes out the whole shot. some people scared to do it in fear of sugar gumming up the filter, but never once has this happened to me.