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Question for Vask
  • Morning 00Vask ;) Ya know I am kidding and just teasing you being an international spy an all.

    Anyways friend inherited some land on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Awesome news right!? Many many might say awesome turns out to be in the exclusion zone.
    However she heard that the government were doing a "whatever land is in the exclusion zone government will give you a like for like" on the good part of the island.

    It's a long one I know but based on the fact that you are the closest there compared to any other fazy this surely must mean you know more (right? LOL) But seriously considering your immeasurable depth of politics and goings over there and company you keep maybe you might have an idea/suggestion etc etc

    She still awaiting a reply from the government.

    Cheers xxx's
  • I don't really know. All of these little nations are vastly different. From corrupt, to dangerous, to trying to be a good nation.

    I think the best thing to do is get in touch with the government. Then, if it's important enough, try to find a reputable attorney to look into things. And, since they are now a landowner, they should plan a trip to the country just because (travel is fun).
  • ^Cheers Vask x