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question for biff or any other mac savvy techs
  • wondering if anybody has tried something like this?

    my sons laptop screen is bad. left hand side and bottom side of screen has 2" band of lines. he did something to it (slammed it or hit it or something) so the display is pretty much unusable. it's out of warranty and apple wants $475 to fix it. i can't see dumping that much money into a 2013 macbook.

    let me know if anybody has had any experience or success with this. thanks!
  • You can do it, dude, I have faith in you :D
  • i haz a screwdriver and a hammer..Fly me up there and I will fix it! /\/

    How's it work if you plug it into a Monitor?
  • @chris
    bwahahaha! i'll be sure to livestream it so you can witness my total success or spectacular failure. either way, i'm sure there will be plenty of swear words, tools thrown. :D

    haven't tried the external yet. i was planning on doing that before i started brain surgery on this thing.

    i could buy the whole display piece but that's like $300. figured if i could do this for less than 1/2 of that and at a fraction of what apple wants to charge me, it might be worth a shot.
  • Give it a go..Fuck Apple and their over priced repairs. If it doesn't work and still works on a monitor, turn it into a streaming server, music box, porn box, etc..
  • its my son's laptop so porn box is probably not an option. :D
  • nimmot said:

    its my son's laptop so porn box is probably not an option. :D

    Wait till he gets older ... :x
  • Nimmot mind if I gate crash?

    Guys both on my air book and ipad says Ive used 9gig of memory where I have only 2.5 gig oh photos and videos.

    What is this 9 gig being used up with? And where can I delete it to reclaim the 9 gig?

    Many xxx's in advance my lovelies
    ps told ya so
  • @Black Window
    i use onyx to clean up stuff and make free space. does a pretty good job and i'm usually able to reclaim 10G of stuff when i'm running low.
  • ^Nimmot xxx's thank you xxx's
  • hmmm...that i don't know. doing some quick searches my best guess would be no.
  • iPad: plug it into iTunes, back it up. Restore it. That'll free up the space.

    Screen: I was going to say do the screen assembly as a while, but you seem to have that in mind. Print out the procedure, tape the screws to the relevant location on the picture.
  • thank @biff! i never thought of taping the screws to the picture. great tip as i would for surely not remember where they go back by the time i get around to reassembling it. :D
  • No problem, mang. In all seriousness, swapping out just the LCD is a motherfucker. The entire upper assembly will save you like two hours, eliminate the possibility of grievous personal harm, and exterminate a great deal of frustration.
  • yeah. the whole heat gun thing has me worried, the rest i'm fairly comfortable tackling. sometimes spending the extra money is worth the hassle. i'll let you know how it goes once i take it on.
  • my boss recently took apart his dad's white imac and roasted the graphics card in the oven for a couple of hours. worked a treat.

    stuff like this is worrying, but once broken down in to little steps, it's nae so bad :)
  • I once had to replace a hard drive in a friend's eMac. I started upstairs and trailed all the bits I removed via the steps from iFixit till i arrived on the ground floor, via the stairs. Then once replaced, worked my way back up the stairs refitting as i go. Everything worked fine, and yes, i was left with a single screw.
  • Sure, the eMac. There's about six extra screws in that mother anyway. That and some sort of specially lubricated case to make it IMPOSSIBLE to carry.