lost another good one

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Gene Wilder passes. :(

one of my ALL TIME favorite movies, Willy Wonka (the original, not that stupid-ass-johnny-depp-reboot) was an amazing movie. any time i'm surfing the channels and it's on, i stop to watch it.


  • Oh, bollocks.

    Fuck you, 2016.
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    That's Crap!

    I liked the Western he was in, now what was that called… oh yes Blazing Saddles. Awesome comedy.

    …yes, but this is my shooting hand :!:
  • ^ :(

    I loved this guy. Totally loved him.

    I absolutely loved those with Richard Pryor but personally "Stir Crazy" hits the spot

    RIP Gene and as Jim Carrey said

  • @peak, Blazing Saddles was HILARIOUS!!! i remember my dad taking my brothers and i to it at a drive-in when i was like 6. i didn't understand half the humor but loved it. i love pretty much anything Mel Brooks.

    @BW, loved when he teamed up with Pryor. Stir Crazy and Silverstreak are my favorites with them.
  • It's funny, listening to the news yesterday… I'd forgotten just how much stuff, good stuff, he'd been in!

    Seemed like a top guy. Very funny.

    …and we could do without loosing funny people in the world at the mo! :)
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