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Olympic games overload...HELP...pretty please
  • What is a company's document production system?

    Basically I need to know/discover from such a statement in a pamphlet is...
    1. If this system is in place does it/would it mean that all their documents are generated from templates all of which adhere to the same font being used as part of their brand?

    xxx's in advance my super helpful well hung lovelies

  • I'm not quite sure what you mean!

    Like, brand guidelines maybe? Style guide related?
  • I'm guessing it's IT.

    Basically...looonnnggg storeee...

    Am in a bit of a legal position...many key bit of correspondence is done in a different font and presented on plain paper and not a header like rest. Suspiciously like after two years and slipped into the pile altered etc.
    Yeah loads of excuses can be given BUT...their pamphlet says "it has a dedicated company document production system." Therefore...all legal documents by this company in a legal capacity (Solicitors) ought to have been produced by this system wherein fonts, templates blah de blah blah blah are all the same.

    Dodgy, back stabbing solicitor done my mate's mum over into a right pickle. Apart from waiting for him and running him over etc much rather smash the cooonnnttt's career.

    So please help if you can.

    xxx's in advance my lovelies
  • Ah, not sure exactly what that would be called! But you are right by the sounds of it, what you said certainly makes it sound like all official documentation should be on headed paper and house fonts etc. No idea how binding that is, legally speaking though. Bloody lawyers.
  • Yes BW, looks like a supplementary document added without it being on a system of any sort.
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  • ^My darling fazies...thank you for all your help & support xxx's