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  • do you guys get alot of spam in the form of "invoice", "confirmation letter", etc...where it's a short, fake business'ish email with a zip attachment?

    i get so many of these...a few every hour.

    can i use a regular expression in apple Mail filtering rules?
  • oh shit you can! it's a thing!
  • i've not ended up with this type of spam in forever (nothing that i'd done, though, I don't think - gmail handles most of it correctly, and our spam stuff on the work accounts do fine, too).
  • I've had a few. But they've wained or the spam's learnt.
  • i moved my email services to my webhost awhile ago and since then i get tons. for years i was on a rackspace email thing and didn't get much. i need to take control of the spam on my end.
  • Yes, I've got server based anti virus and it's doing a pretty good job.

    Not tried desktop sieve but I've heard good things, how you finding it?