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  • update yo email - all your notifications are bouncing :)
  • my email is the correct one. don't know why it's bouncing.
  • I like bouncing
  • ugh! thought my domain renewed but it was hosting (which i don't even need from them) renewed. just renewed the domain for 2 years and canceled the hosting. thanks for the heads up @chris. :)
  • should all be squared away now. was wondering why i wasn't getting nearly the amounts of spam emails i was used to. :D
  • Give me your email addy so I can have some fun.. :)
  • /me secretly messages blueshead...
  • i get around 300 spam emails a day. can't complain tho as i haven't paid for hosting or email service in the last 15 years. :)
  • not with huevia by any chance? :D
  • i have no idea what that is, but no.
  • nvm... :)