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happy b-day chris!
  • king for a day my friend. hope you have a great one!!! :)
  • YOSH! Happy Birthday dude :)
  • thanks guys :D

    working from home, looking after the twins, rock'n'roll!
  • how can you work at home ? throw the work aside and go play with the twins !!!! :) It's your birthday !!
  • i got no work done, it's fine! (well, other than the lack of work done heh). they are in bed now, so it's time for a beer (and then that work... why'd i said that i'd get stuff to someone in time for a 9pm conference call, i've no idea*).

    *i do have an idea, and it is followed by a few zeroes, but still!)
  • I had completely fucking forgotten that our birthdays were so close.
  • happy birthday mr. chris :) many many more
  • Happy birthday chris!!!
  • goodness gracious, thanks guys :D
  • Belated born day blessings C

  • Well, it would be rude not to join in…

  • Belated Birthday wishes!
  • Diolch yn fawr, again :)