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Quote of the Day
  • "Can you pull a toner cartridge for this machine out of your ass?"

    context is usually important, but for this, well, not sure a lot of context is needed.
  • give it a shake first :)
  • child in line at the grocery store;

    "I shouldn't bump into him because he's old?"
  • ^Oh dear...
  • "Do you ever eat real food?"

    -convenience store clerk
  • “For their own good, vegetarians should never be allowed near fine beers and ales.
    It will only make them loud and belligerent, and they lack the physical strength and aggressive nature to back up any drunken assertions.”

    Anthony Bourdain


    "What? I just punched out a Vegan? I'm so ashamed"

  • heh heh heh
  • "The DUP would support filling in the Irish Sea with concrete in order to be closer to the Queens @rse."

    -from a Guardian/Brexit column comment
  • what struck me as odd/funny/off the most about this, is it was a comment on the First Minister and her support for it's wrong in several different directions.....
  • "Errr.. I thought your plants needed watering. Yes I did Google your plants and they do thrive on Uric acid"

    "Ok I lied..Can you stop pointing that Pistol at me?"

    "Oh shit.."