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RIP David Bowie :(
  • I'm dying, too

  • shocked and saddened.
  • I was listening to some stuff last night as I did a bit of work, I can remember the first tape of his music I was given, by a rather lovely girl called Karen…

    Formative influences, formative years, golden years!
  • Well i'm late to Bowie. And feeling rather bad for it. Sorry Nick :(
  • hearing eno talk about it made me teary.

  • Well, that's the end of the week that made us ask "where the fuck did Monday go?". I felt stupid at the beginning of the week shedding real life tears over somebody that I've never met. But, I have been knocked sideways.

    It's not "news" that I am a massive, massive Bowie "fan" (hate that word) since maybe 1978. I have never felt like this at the passing of anybody outside my own family. I knew the day would come when he died and when I saw the pictures of him at the Lazarus premiere in early December I had a feeling it wouldn't be that long. Just not that soon. I have been in a bit of a mess since Monday and I partly feel completely stupid and yet I feel like I have lost a friend or a member of my family.

    I know a few people on the Bowie periphery. I occasionally chat with Tony Visconti (Bowie's producer) and we shared a few words on Monday night which was good of him. Clearly he has lost a very dear and close friend... it makes me feel like a fraud. I'm also friends with people that know him in various ways. Clifford Slapper was the guy that wrote the chords and played the piano off-camera for Bowie when he did the "Pug-nosed face" song on Ricky Gervais' Extras. I have chatted at length with Ava Cherry in the past (she was a vocalist on the Young Americans album and Bowie's girlfriend at that time). Woody Woodmansey (Spiders drummer) is always good for a chat too. Then I'm also surrounded on Facebook with fans from all over. Some are completely nuts that collect EVERYTHING Bowie and others are more like me, not interested in "things" but interested in the music, performance and songwriting. I wonder if this week would have been easier or harder without the support of these people around me.

    The new album was met 1 week ago with a lot of excitement and some confusion. Early reviews of it bigged it up a lot and labeled it "bonkers"... it sort of is in places but not in others. A lot of us were expecting it to be MORE experimental than it was because of this. A few days later and Bowie had died and your whole perception of the album changes. Themes that had been staring you in the face were very obvious at the news. This was the work of a man who knew he was dying and accepted that he was dying. It was a final farewell and some of the beautiful but melancholic songs had a real and obvious meaning.

    The Lazarus song and video are extraordinary. What a way to go out... death as a performance art. There are lots of interesting details and callbacks in the video and in the stills of Jimmy King.

    So, it sounds really dramatic to be "grieving" – I don't know what you guys think about that but I always thought it a bit strange the way people reacted to Princess Diana etc. I guess I'm one of those strange ones now. I was thinking the other day that I can't actually remember a time in my life without David Bowie in it. Even when he was on his "sabbatical" I always knew he was "there" and that there was always a chance that he'd be back.

    In a way, when Bowie died my best friend died too... he had always been there for me.
  • meska said:

    Well i'm late to Bowie. And feeling rather bad for it. Sorry Nick :(

    I don't know why you're sorry


    Nineteen of David Bowie's albums have entered the UK album charts, after fans sought out his classic hits in the wake of his death.
  • chris said:

    Nineteen of David Bowie's albums have entered the UK album charts, after fans sought out his classic hits in the wake of his death.

    And Amazon is now being called out for jerking up the Album prices.. Scum! :(

    story here
  • nicko said:

    meska said:

    Well i'm late to Bowie. And feeling rather bad for it. Sorry Nick :(

    I don't know why you're sorry

    Because I was being a dick about him a little while ago to you - which you did call me up on. It took me a while to understand this. Anyway.

    There's nothing weird about it (although that Princess Diana thing was most definitely weird!) - I would be the same if the little purple freak carked it. Sometimes the music and writing that you connect with on an emotional level is all encompassing. I know that key periods of my life where I was losing it, or terrible things were happening in my life, I sought sanctuary in the music. And yes, it's like a best friend dying, I wholly understand.
  • Ah, I didn't really take any notice of that. Don't worry.

  • Please accept my most sincere apologies for such inexcusable chronic tardiness.
    The loss of such a peerless brilliant best friend. What can one say.

    Big love

  • A year already.
  • I watched "Man who fell to earth" earlier today...LOVED IT!!!

    I had vague memories of it when I saw it first. Some odd reason I cannot for the life of me remember all the tits, fanny and cock on display. Loved it!!!!
    ps and not because of the tits, fanny and cocks but because...well because it was fooookkking brilliant!
  • I went to see Lazarus again on the 10th. Really quite moving :(
  • Best thing about last year: on my birthday we had a party at ours. True hedonism, but best of all we had a 3 hours section of back to back Bowie and Prince - vinyl, digital, rare, popular all mixed by myself and my mate. The whole house sang the street down, cried and hugged together. It was uplifting, joyous and wonderful, no doubt some of what was imbibed played a part, but who gives a fuck - we were celebrating the lives of two of the greatest showmen the world has ever seen. Thankfully I didn't receive my 2nd Asbo for noise pollution, but even I did, it would have been worth it. Hopefully we will have another re-run this year, but will add George and the many more greats that we sadly lost last year.
  • 2nd? :D

    sounds like a story thread is required...
  • Yeah was on my 40th, long story. :D
  • That's cool meska! I spent the Bowie birth / death weekend in London Bowieing the shit out of everything. The Brixton gig had its highs and lows but the after party was spectacular... ended up going to bed at 5am on the Monday morning – Where the fuck did Monday go?