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  • Isn't it! I hope the internet doesn't stay broken for long :)
  • ^Netsplit? Thought those days never existed any more..or you talkin sumthin else?
  • no idea what you are on about :D

    i was just insinuating that all the web's content originates at reddit.
  • no idea what you are on about :D

    i was just insinuating that all the web's content originates at reddit.

    1 - 0

  • ^No idea :D :D :D

    No offence intended...just drunk yah

    xxx's C
  • haha whut? :D
  • haha. i posted that about the uproar that happened after they fired victoria.
  • oh no, i know why you posted it. it's just that BW was intent on confusing the bejeesus out of me ;)
  • stop it, BW!

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    oh my...what a crazy show that was. i feel bad for her...the internet really sucks sometimes.
  • stop it, BW!

  • My favorite visualization of online communities is the community bar. I’ve used, managed and built online communities going back into the 1980s, many of them sports related, so it’s natural to look at those communities as sports bars. The thing I’ve always told people interested in community management is this: if you’re running a sports bar, and you have a gang of bikers move in, you have two choices. You can either eject the bikers, or you’re running a biker bar. I never set out intending to put my time and energy into a biker bar, so I always worked to prevent the rowdy elements from taking over my communities, because I knew that would cause the people I wanted to be around to leave and find some other place to be.
    True of many online communities...

    I think Reddit will be just fine with new management though. But, I'm a very light user and no nothing about it's particular history (except more recent events).
  • The thing is do you have to be a biker to enjoy a biker's bar. It's a bit like your calorific diet. Some days observed and adhered to and others...
    I always see people who are constant in their ways as addicts or just plain odd.

    Indeed and absolutely if it were a KKK bar then yes without reasonable doubt I too would not venture there because...

    I guess like any "reasonable" culture there is always going to peaks and troughs in it's fledgling days which some will like or adapt to whereas others will resist and avoid. But like a born again Christian the light beckons and maybe just out of sheer boredom those at opposing positions...

    People as a whole have standards of expectations. If anything is not even remotely similar to your expectations then...find the receipt and ask for a full refund!

    And yes...I am so hungover with a physio session beckoning my way. Got to get to Golders Green.


    ps BW is on hols for several hours at least
  • It's a funny thing about Reddit where people were up in arms about alot of awful things but I believe they had to be following or looking at those things specifically. I think, but I'm not really sure.

    If you were at your local bar and somebody was always harassing you - you would probably stop going eventually. Apparently, that was happening. But, as per my first statement, I'm not really sure what was going on?

    I'm probably like the majority of Reddit users where I don't find the commenting very useful or interesting (the way the are interesting on NYTimes for instance).
  • the threaded comments is usually what makes it so overwhelming (for me). then, even after investing a whole load of time in to it, all you are left with is senseless, short, internet-points garnering toss :)

    ok, with the odd chortle or guffaw maker in the mix, but hard to find (and probably pointless).
  • if anything, i've read more reddit in the last week than all other times combined, so it may just be that i needed to dive in and get on with it hehe

    the default subs are not all that great, but there are definitely some corkers in there! and i don't just mean r/gonewild either haha :D
  • I doubt it will go down in flames but geez even yesterday and today there were new things (their chief engineer just quit).

    Balancing the wild, random, vocal, crazy, inhumane mass and business strategies - such an unenviable position.
  • I guess it's so interesting for that reason. Plus, the site is still, aside from the problems, a ton of fun.
    Wong posted the particularly illuminating missive in response to today’s official announcement that the site isn’t supposed to be a “bastion of free speech.” With the overarching message of the post being—way to get rid of the only person actually fighting for you, idiots
    oops :D
  • i saw that. is this is a slow melt down? i hope not, but geez...
  • "Former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong's latest big reveal: Reddit’s board has been itching to purge hate-based subreddits since the beginning. And recently, the only thing stopping them had been... Ellen Pao. Whoops."

    On so many levels...this is why we can't have nice things (on the internet).
  • yeah, that's the article... i... errr... how's your internet, vask? :D
  • duh, i posted the same link!

    my internet seems to be redundant. ;)
  • omg...reddit has been down for 10 minutes now!

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