[Rumour] Apple planning to charge Tiger users for Boot Camp?

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According to a report MacScoop has obtained, Apple will charge current users of Mac OS X Tiger for the final version of Boot Camp that will be released at the same time as Mac OS X Leopard, this Spring.
Though the source wasn't sure about the final pricing, the report said there is strong possibility that Apple's boot manager software, allowing to use Windows and Mac OS X in dual boot mode will be sold for $29 to Tiger users.
Boot Camp will be one of the features included in Leopard, which means that Tiger users who want to use Boot Camp will also have the option to upgrade to Leopard instead of paying for the final version of Apple's Windows dual boot solution.
Apple is also expected to officially support Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system with the final version of Boot Camp.
When Apple announced Boot Camp in April 2006, the company did not clarify if Boot Camp would remain free for Tiger users in its final version.
Apple recently negatively surprised users of the latest generation Intel Macs by releasing a $1.99 software update, enabling 802.11n wifi on their Airport adapters.

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