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BBC News site redesign
  • image

    click 'ere

    ok, so more iteration than redesign. looking fresh, though.
  • who designs anything anymore? it's all iteration and pivot these days.
  • iteration is design!

    (but yeah, i get ya.)

    it just reverts back to .com - i'm not one of the special people.

    i like that people are designing to allow text to breath more and more these days, but there does seem to be less imagination. yes, i realize it's an important news site. the internet was just much more fun when the rules weren't so established and nobody knew what they were doing.

    i guess that's kind of a general rant which is completely useless...

    i can't even see the new site!
  • i am so retarded! this is a mobile redesign...

    i have my vpn on and it still won't let me see it. grrrrr...
  • ah, i don't think it is mobile specific, but they are definitely sitting it on the m. subdomain, and likely still sniffing for device types.

    my guess is that it's a proper responsive design from here on in.
  • it's quite red, yes :D
  • Reminds me of the CNN site done by Rus years ago (2007 I think it was) - it's always been my fave version.