FL mobile CSS

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Is it b0rked?


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    ^Yeah something odd happening this end as well
  • Fucking chris... sort it aaaahhhhht!
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    didn't he go on some jetsetting vacation this week? a different city every hour in his gold plated jet...
  • think of the little people, chris!
  • I expect he's taking pensive sunset Instagrams from the driver's seat of his BMW in a way that you can just make out the BMW logo on the steering wheel and Panerai on his wrist. He'll caption it with some quote by Cassius Clay or the Dalai Lama.
  • i haven't touched the css in 3.2 years, fwiw :)
  • (timescales totally made up)
  • Oh, well it started working again /\/
  • weird that, it sometimes only partially loads or fucks up a bit (technical term) for me, too. it's a LESS thing, and i don't really get it :D

    i guess it's down to network stuff ultimately, but glad it's working though!
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