Cloud Backup services..

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Hello, FL, its been a while.

Sooooooo lets talk Cloud Backup services....anyone sign up for one?....Backblaze?, Crashplan?....any better for UK users?



  • i tend to keep a load of my work on dropbox, but mainly so i can access it from home and work.

    luckily, i badgered JJ into giving me more dropbox space for free, and am currently up to 5.5gb :D
  • Bah...I need Terrabyte.....10 years worth of work (I should really have a clear out) :P

    Currently giving BackBlaze a trial....its doing something.
  • well, if you are going that far back, wouldn't it make more sense to grab yourself a few USB drives, and use them?
  • Yer did cross my mind, but its more shit on the desk, more shit plugged in and Id have to mirror the drives just incase one screws up.....seems more faff.
  • I've heard a few people talk positively about Carbonite... unlimited space.

    Like chris I rely a lot on Dropbox and Google Drive for live projects and the rest I do via Time Machine.
  • ...and good to see you back mod - stay!
  • Same as peak. Dropbox and Google Drive, Time machine for archived work...
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