Restore hard disk from Time Machine

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Cross posting this from another post. Mavericks killed my macbook pro. Got back the old system with a Dvd and repaired the disk. It went to sleep, when it woke up it was dead again. This time the repair didn't work. Repartitioned and erased the hard disk and i checks out ok, but now I am struggling to restore the data from my Time Machine backup. How do I turn the data on the Time Capsule into a disk image (that's what I need to do, right?)???

Read a bit, not very positive, about the Time Capsules, but still don't get how to restore a disk. Thought Time Capsule and Apple were supposed to make it easy.


  • if you were using Mt. Lion, you can restore via Target Disk mode, Red.

    hth. :)
  • This is still loads easier than it is on windows. Mick is right, 10.7 and above can boot from an (appropriately formatted) Time Machine hard drive, but if it's not set up right from the get-go, then there's no way to retroactively do that.

    The best way is to boot from an OS CD or USB Stick, format the drive, (maybe do an additional step here, read the next paragraph) and restore from the Time Machine backup during setup.

    Looking at the other thread, I suspect you may have had more deep-seated issues with your OS. I'd really do a clean OS install first, before restoring from the Time Machine backup.
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